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  1. I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask. I've been playing UM on Citra for a few months. I did just about everything there is to do in the game, and built a great team that I love. Last night I tried to get Pokemon Y to work on Citra; it gave me some error message about shared fonts. I looked up the error, found this video, and followed the instructions. It ended up overwriting my Ultra Moon save file, and (since I'm apparently an idiot) I didn't back anything up. I quickly downloaded Recuva and restored everything I could in the Citra folder, and now the emulator won't even open the file, and PkHex says the file called "main" is the wrong "file type/size". What can I do to fix it? I feel like a fool. I've attached my "main" file, in case that helps. main
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