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  1. Well that'll do it. Thanks allot, reading about it now ^-^
  2. I've been trying my hand at relearning c# on a trip and I realized I wanted to be able to have android compatibility. Will I be able to make minor edits and compile as an apk or should I start looking at redoing it in java like I've seen on(very very outdated) forum posts. It's not that complicated and for the most part just displays information with minimal user input(i'm more or less making a few tools to aid my personal playthroughs of the main series(i'm trying to go from gen 1-7) before the switch games come out(off topic I guess). I'll post the very very shitty and embarrassing code when
  3. I know for a fact its a legitimate copy. I think I actually still have the original packaging somewhere. I'll try replacing the battery at some point and see if it starts working like normal again. unrelated: My flashcart order has been canceled multiple times by the website I was ordering from because of an "error" with the credit cards I tried using. I know they work as i've used them on other things after I placed the orders and no charges are on any of the cards and i've also received nothing. Its a bit annoying so i'm probably gunna give up on that site and order from www.nds-
  4. I actually tried this after my post and the save stayed, but then the next time I powered off and on it was gone again. I can only assume my cartridge is possessed by a ghost. Edit: Though I did save again so that might have something to do with it
  5. Thats strange, my save is gone and I know for a fact its a official copy. I must of deleted it at some point and forgot.
  6. My goal was mainly to get the Pokemon from an emulator(and a couple from one of my cartridges) on my computer/one saved on my flashcart to black/white so if doable, using an emulator for the entire process is perfectly fine(I also checked the games I wanted saves/pokemon from and the batteries are dead in all of them that matter(rip shiny rayqauza) so I guess no physical copy until black/white or black/white 2 is needed anymore)
  7. If i'm remembering correctly its a R4i gold(Not sure how good it is but a friend had one and said it good worked for them. The installation seems easy enough, the only things i'm a bit confused on are the process of trading pokemon obtained from games on the flashcart to retail copys so they can be put into pokebank(i'm more talking about gba games that I was wanting to shiny hunt on and don't really want to use pkhex for so I can call them "legit" aswell as the tools needed to get saves off of my old gba cartridges and then into flashcart games (this one is probably easy to google). Also all
  8. My fault for not being clear, my question is some of the powersaves event codes do not have the proper ot/trainer id when I redeem them so is this set in stone on powersaves end or are certain variables(such as 3ds region, system time, etc) on my end effecting it in some way that fixing them will allow me to get the proper ot/trainer id on it completely with powersaves(And I do not mean manually editing ot/id. I am not 12 and it annoys me when people assume i'm asking a very obvious question that ignorance cannot be used as an excuse because of how obvious it is(probably almost as much as I as
  9. I was babysitting my moms friends son and let him play on my 3ds while I walked the dogs. When I got back he almost started crying and was apologizing(turns out he reset my game thinking it didn't delete it unless you saved like games i've let him play in the past). I (quite nobly in my opinion) resisted the urge to go into rage mode and told him it was fine. When I got home I luckily had a save backed up from when I was breeding(all hail quick egg hatch) I lost an hour or two of progress which doesn't bother me I actually wanted to soft reset a few legendaries for the shiny versions) but I al
  10. I have a powersaves reader and account. I meant throw together some fire hazard of a card reader and try and see if I can remember how to use c++ and make a buggy mess thats more likely to corrupt my saves then download/upload new ones(though looking into it a bit more I've realized I have absolutely no idea where to even begin). Also I ordered a r4I pro or something along those lines.
  11. Hey, I have it working on ubuntu artful 17.10 You need 32bit wine How I did it: 1. Delete/move your 64 bit .wine folder if wine is installed 2. Enable 32 bit architecture dpkg --add-architecture i386 apt-get update apt-get install libc6:i386 libstdc++6:i386 3. Install wine if not already installed 4. Install winetricks 5. In terminal: export WINEARCH=win32 6. Run wine 7. Download pkhex and run with wine (not the mono version but if you continue to have issues with wine then using the mono version is another option) Edit: Almost
  12. So like most things, it's technically possible. Just not practical? I'm assuming attempting to build my own card reader would also be pointless? I'm more looking for a project to waste my time on while i'm on a trip. I'm about to head over to the flashcart's topic because I was planning on ordering one today(mainly to put a few of my games on it for while i'm on my trip) so do you have any suggestions on which website would be best for legitimacy and usa shipping? I'm needing to get it within 3-4 weeks. Thanks
  13. Well what is it that specifically prevents this from working? Just because something is designed to prevent it doesn't mean exploits don't exist. Nintendo doesn't exactly want people using things such as powersave/homebrew/flashcarts/etc. Either way i'll be getting a flashcart delivered soon so i'm not to concerned about it. But who doesn't love a good challenge? I'm more curious on the technical aspects then anything. Thanks
  14. Something I noticed while breeding(thank god for quick hatch) is that if my game gets disconnected after uploading the save it will still send it to the server and then download the edited file. My question is if its possible to replace the save file once its downloaded and ready to apply to the game cartridge with one edited with pkhex. I'm sure someone else has already noticed this and looked into it but I couldn't find any mention of it. Probably won't work because I highly doubt i'm the only one to notice this but I can always dream. I'd also like to know if this could be used to put file
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