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  1. Okay, so I just made an account to post this. Ive been playing SU for some time on Citra, everythings fine. I chose to play as a girl with the darkest skin color, now I want to change my gender but keep my skin color. Problem: when I change the 01 to 00, the ingame gender changes, which is good. The given skin color hex values in the first post are for sun moon, they have changed in usum I guess. So, I change the gender from female to male, but I still need to change my skin color from dark (female) to dark (male). This is the problem, I can't do that. Whatever skin color setting I use in PKHex, it stays on the palest. Even if in the Hex Editor the value is set to 18 (darkest male) oder 10 (tan male) it displays as pale ingame. If I leave the gender as it is, I can easily change the skin color of the female character. I have also downloaded a savegame from someone else, who played a guy as well, and I can simply change the skin color there as well. The skin color value is now 1454, but this isnt the entire thing. Only changing that number wont work, the game will not launch. Somewhere at 6C100 to 6C170 and at 6CA32 and 6CA33 there are some strings which belong to that color. At first I tought they were randomly generated but turns out they are always the same (matching the skin color). So, can someone tell me why the skin color ingame is not changing? I can give yall my savegame if youd like. As you will see, the color is set to darkest (male) and still displays as pale. EDIT So I just tested it with a different save file from another person who also played a girl. Its the same there, skin color of a guy stays the same. Im kinda mad abt this. EDIT 2 I got it to work now. I installed Ultra SuMo Plugin on my o3ds with the luma plugin thingy and changed my skin color ingame, which seems to work. Then I just put that savegame into citra! main
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