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  1. In order for these pokemon to be shiny XOR = 1 (you can check this by hovering over the PID box in pkhex (only works for .pk8 files) ) If XOR does not equal to 1 you will get the " Invalid: Static Encounter shiny mismatch." error. Here are 3 methods to fix this: Method 1: Re-roll PID and click the shiny button. Repeat this until its legal. Method 2: Do the same as Method 1 but this time try to get the lowest XOR you can. In my example below I got XOR = 5 now adjust the last number (0-9) or letter (A-F) until you XOR=1 then check legality in this case I had to change 6 to 2. Method 3: Step 1: First you need to put you SID and TID next to each other to form a 10 digit number some TIDs and SIDs have 0s infront of them make sure you include those. For this example I will use SID = 1234 and TID = 567890. Putting them together we get 1234567890. Take this number and convert it into hexadecimal (converters are online). Converting 1234567890 to hex we get 499602D2. Step 2: Choose a 4 digit hex number and put it next to itself. For this example I will use ABCD so next to itself would be ABCDABCD. Step 3: Now we need to take both hexadecimal numbers from step 1 and 2 and XOR them so it will be 499602D2 XOR ABCDABCD. You can find a XOR calculator online. So 499602D2 XOR ABCDABCD is E25BA91F. Step 4: Decrease the last number (0-9) or letter (A-F) of step 3 by 1 so E25BA91F becomes E25BA91E. Step 5: Use the result of step 4 as your PID
  2. @Kaphotics Is it labeled AHTB? because I don't see that anywhere and if i click dump on the dynamax adventure encounter editor nothing happens
  3. Jolly and Adamant Tyranitar attached with National Ribbon max ivs except for spA due to PID calculations. 248_-_Tyranitar_-_D8D91ED80AA2.pk8 248_-_Tyranitar_-_EF8D31D10483.pk8
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Made two simple applications (C++) to randomly generate a Trainer ID and Secret ID and also convert those into G7TID (6 digits) and G7SID (4 digits). Also made a random Height and Weight generator.
  5. Hi is there anyway for me to use the complete pokedex option when editing a save and only have it register all pokemon dex entries in a single language instead of every language?
  6. Does anyone have a copy of the 180418 version of pkhex?
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