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  1. The back sprite of Bianca is only in her professor juniper's assistant outfit (BW2 Outfit), but someone changed it to her casual outfit, I found her casual back sprite somewhere online. And we also have her VS, Xtransceiver and battle sprites =merged-= There may be some fanmade sprites for actions too, but I think her walking fast/running sprite is available in the game after professor juniper gives pokemon catching tutorial you can see Bianca & cheren running towards the accumula town =merged-= It would be more better if someone can make a patch for it instead of a cheat code... I wish I knew how to make a patch XD
  2. Can someone please make a cheat code through which we can play as Bianca in PKMN B&W? She is one of my favorite poke-girl of all time I hate the fact that they make her weak in BW games and mangas. I'd be great if the code can change the outer-world sprite & back sprite during the battle :3
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