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  1. @theSLAYER Gonna get rid of it then, since it has no more use. And in the future if I ever find myself being lost in all those folders, at least now I know how to get to the main file with two clicks. I sound like a grandma trying to figure out her email... lmfao. I think I'll manage from this point on. Thank you again!
  2. @theSLAYER Yeah, I thought it might be, I know copying / relocating / renaming things can mess things up but for some reason I figured that'd be better. Thank you so much for those new steps, because it WORKED! The changes finally show in-game. I was worried I'd have to spend ages looking for 'mons with the right nature and all of that, but it looks like I'll be able to save myself a lot of time and effort now. I've been struggling with getting this to work since yesterday. Thank you SO much, you're a hero. Would it be safe to completely delete the Citra folder that I copy-pasted into my Games folder, considering that doesn't actually contain any files I need? Lol.
  3. @theSLAYER I just edited my Torchic on the main file I found with the right-click, the 'last modified at 8:25PM' file, but the changes still don't show up in-game. What am I doing wrong...
  4. @theSLAYER Frankly I don't know all that much about this stuff. I actually didn't know you can access the main file by simply right-clicking that. But doing that now I actually realize what may or may not be the problem. You know when you search %appdata% and go into the Citra folder that's located there, eventually you'll find the main file you're looking for? Well I copied and pasted the Citra folder into the ''Games'' folder I created (simply located in Documents) where I try to keep things organized so I can easily find files, and within the Citra folder I renamed some of the folders to recognize certain games faster. For example: C:\Users\Rens\AppData\Roaming\Citra\sdmc\Nintendo 3DS\00000000000000000000000000000000\00000000000000000000000000000000\title\00040000 In the 00040000 folder there's 4 folders, one for each game (Sun, Moon, Ultra Moon, Omega Ruby) but they're all just a bunch of numbers, so I renamed those by putting the game titles after the numbers. Every time I click Open in PKHeX the 00040000 folder with the four other folders in it is where it opens. But I just did the right-click way, and it opened to the same four folders, but the original un-renamed ones in the original Citra folder that I copied. And the Omega Ruby main file in there seems to be an earlier save (last modified at 8:25PM instead of 9:00PM, the 9:00PM one being the file I've been messing with on PKHeX). Do you think the root of my problem is the fact that I copied & moved and renamed some folders? Sorry about this, I tried keeping it short, but maybe you know right away if this is the case or not.
  5. @theSLAYER Removed that part, sorry about that. I'm playing on Citra (Nightly Build - 255fd87). The game works fine, the thing is that I'd like to edit my savefile but it doesn't seem to work properly in PKHeX.
  6. When I open the main file in PKHeX, I don't get any errors, but nothing's there. Torchic doesn't show up in the Party-Battle Box. I injected an Eevee into the box, saved, and fired up the game to see if it's there. But Eevee doesn't show up in the game. Then I went back to PKHeX and deleted Eevee, then inserted a Torchic with the desired nature, saved, opened the game and checked, but nope. My starter Torchic with the wrong nature is all that's there. To keep it short, I don't know why the hell this is the case. It's like I'm editing another savefile thinking it's the one for Omega Ruby, but I'm certain it's the right one. I've been googling for a solution to this problem for a few hours now but I haven't even found anyone with the same problem. That's why I just created an account in hopes someone here might know how to help. Would be much appreciated!!!
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