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  1. There is another inquiry about the Pocket Monster Emerald Translation. So now I'm writing another topic like this. I have found a problem with someone's incomplete ROM. I am in the process of translating this ROM into Hangul. Anyway, the problem can be found in the Pokedex. Take a look. This is the Pokedex of original Emerald Rom And this is the Pokedex of the Emarald Rom I'm working on. You can see that the starting point of the description is different. The name and unit of height and weight have changed, and I suspect that this may be the cause of the problem. This causes a very lethal bug in certain circumstances, so I want to return this part to the original. But I can not figure out which part of the Emerald Rom contains the Pokedex data. Please help me. I do not have the ability to solve this problem.
  2. I have been translating Pokemon Emerald to Korean. But now I have a big problem. The work all stopped. To resume work, I need to know how to change the font of TM/HM description text. As far as I know, there are a lot of flags in Rom that determine fonts. Unfortunately, I do not know the location of the flags. This is what I'm talking about. I have to change the font of the red circle to something smaller. There is already a Hangul font created by the previous worker in the ROM I am working on. So I could concentrate on translating. However, there is not enough space to translate the TM/HM description. I would like to change the TM/HM description font to be the same as the item name font. Of course, the bag also has Pokeballs and Berries as well as TM/HM. But I don't want to change the description font in other areas except TM/HM. I only want to change the font of TM/HM description. I wish this would be technically possible, but if it is impossible to separate these areas, I would accept it as well. If you are an expert who knows about GBA Rom, please help me. I can be rude and odd because my English is poor. But it really does not. Please understand. P.S. I use crystaltile2 when working in ROM. I am a complete novice.
  3. I really appreciate your kind explanation. Now I understand everything!
  4. 0BDh - Complement check, 1 Byte Header checksum, cartridge won't work if incorrect. Calculate as such: chk=0:for i=0A0h to 0BCh:chk=chk-:next:chk=(chk-19h) and 0FFh What does this mean? English ROM 0xBD was 72. Hacking ROM 0xBD was 6C. How is this calculated and why is the value different? The description of this site is so professional that it is hard for me to understand. Can anyone explain it easily?
  5. That's what I wanted. Thank you very much for your help!
  6. Hello. I am doing an unofficial Korean translation of Pokemon Emerald. I have a question. What is the role of the ROM file offset from 00000000 to 000000BD? When I searched for the Pokemon emerald ROM map, I could not find a document that analyzed the role of the value. They just said it was Header. I used to look into someone else's hacking ROM while working, However, the value of 000000BD is different for each ROM. The English ROM was 72 and my hacking ROM was 6C. Also, the value of 000000AB was 45, and other ROM was 4B. I want to know what this value role and what this difference means. You can ask me, "how can you hack and translate ROM without knowing this?" Yes. I don't know programming at all. so I work with someone's unfinished ROM as a very primitive tool: CrystalTile2. It was very hard work, but I translated it to Slateport City. It's a very dramatic result. In Korea, the Gen III Pockemon is not officially released, so it is not very popular. Also, there are very few communities and hacking GBA people. This is why I ask here in poor English. Please help me.
  7. I was also some interested in this. If the code can be generated as a stand-alone program rather than a web page running on the server, it would be much more advantageous to maintain it. But unfortunately I can not do that. Oh, Why did not I learn programming?
  8. I did not do anything special. I passed the bag once, and doctor made me blame. This event is so funny that I enjoy watching it. And I go to the bag, choice the Treecko, but I did not choose it "immediately". I took a little time to think. But I do not think it's something special. I'm sorry, but I have to sleep now and I can not answer any more today. I would be very happy if my answer was helpful.
  9. I can not answer your question because I do not have such professional knowledge. But here, I attach my VBA configuration file for your research. vba.ini
  10. I played through the emulator VBA 1.7.2. However, there is no difference from standard game play. I don't have any cheat list, played rom is a clean Japanese version emerald.
  11. Thank you. Talking about Treecko, I did not have any illusions. That is a definite natural. This is my guess. If there is no problem with PKHeX, this is a bug of Japanese version emerald.
  12. @gclarke86 What is the utility program for that screenshot? I do not think it's PKHeX, can you let me know?
  13. I started playing the game Japanese emerald and picked Treecko as starting Pokemon. and I opened the save file in PKHeX to check the IV, but PKHeX says Treecko is illegal. even I did not make any edits. I am using PKHeX 20180128 version and use the Korean language. Here I attach Treecko pkm file, save file, and snapshot of when I opened the save file. Oh, my Treecko defeated Zigzagoon and Poochyena while moving from Littleroot town to Oldale Town. That's why experience and effort value. 252 - キモリ - 63A0E6CC02EB.pk3 Pocket Monsters - Emerald (Japan).sav
  14. I solved this problem. It was a really hard journey. First, I used the cheat for the first time in my life. I didn't know that I had to clear the space between the PAR codes. Second, the emulator's RTC function interfered with setting the correct time. Third, I found a title time set menu reset code. It is 29D9517BFEEA692F PAR Code. All PAR Code only works in Japanese Emerald ROM. That's it.
  15. I saved the Pokemon Emerald a few years ago. And after the time passed, today I play that but the in-game time does not match the actual time. Is there a way I can fix it? I found the information on the Japanese site to use the cheat, but I couldn't apply cheat because it was PAR code. Note: that the codes are as follows. RAM Attach Code(206134C3 E7EEA0AB) Clock Reset code(17F9DE0C 69B20B97 CB0114C4 D6305476) Ram Stop Code(84E5E110 8C6D014C) Using a たかさん's toolkit(http://web.archive.org/web/20080117002831/http://www.h6.dion.ne.jp:80/~taka.999/page029.html), I was able to achieve the goal indirectly, but that was not what I really wanted. I want a clear and concise way to reset the ingame time only. I do not want to have a tangled dizzy effect on my save.
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