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  1. Hey people not sure if this is the right place but I found the value for Island Scan points. Nobody seems to have figured it out yet (or if they have, they're not sharing the info) so I thought I should put this up somewhere. I found this via Ultra Sun. From what I understand it should also work for Ultra Moon. No idea if it works for Sun/Moon. I couldn't find how the game keeps track of what you scanned. Maybe somebody could look more into this. Anyway, the value's stored at offset 0x6BE03. Change value to 0x64 to give yourself 100 Island Scan points. 0x6BE02 seems to change each time you scan, but I'm not sure what it's for. From a few minutes of testing it didn't seem to really matter. For people who find this via Google and just want a step-by-step on how to give yourself island scans: 0. Back up your files like a non-stupid person 1. Download HxD and PkHex 2. Open save file with HxD. If you've never scanned a single QR code Ever, hit Ctrl+R to access the replace function. Set Data-Type to Hex-values and replace 01 00 64 00 10 0E 10 0E with 01 00 64 64 10 0E 10 0E. 3. Otherwise, hit Ctrl+G to open the Go To function, enter 6BE03, and click OK. Set its value to 64. 4. Save and exit HxD 5. Open save file in PkHex, and go to File>Export SAV>Export main. Replace your current save file. This step is to validate checksums; the game will say your save file is corrupted otherwise. 6. Boot up your game and enjoy catching your bulbasaur or whatever
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