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  1. Yeah, I do realize you don't need to move the whole dump to the SD. Originally since I started off with Eternal X, I was only moving the same files that hack used, but I think it was when I tried hacking textures that I looked up more files I should be moving over and I probably just moved too much - for example, an hour ago when testing the Elite 4 it was all weird, their first Pokémon was the species I set it to but then had all weird movesets and the game would crash as soon as it fainted. Now I've further cleaned up the SD (back to just the same files from Eternal X) and everything seems to be working just fine. I still want to mod those textures though..! But I can live without that if I have to. At this point I'm happy I managed to salvage the patch and can go back to just editing stuff normally.
  2. It's a much simpler method of patching the game. It's merely a feature of Luma, so if your 3DS has Luma it should be quite easy to use - if you don't know, just boot up your 3DS while holding Select, if the Luma menu shows up just tick "enable game patching" and that's it. From then, you'd just have to put the files from your romfs folder into SD/luma/titles/[TitleID]/romfs where TitleID is a very long number for your game (don't know what it is for Ultra Moon, but it shouldn't be too hard to find I assume).
  3. (hey, I'm back) Hm, alright. I had a code.bin file in the TitleID root and a .code.bin file in the exe folder, and since they were different filesizes I assumed they had different purposes rather than one just being the decompressed version of the other. I tried this now and it worked, so thanks! It always seems the biggest problems have the easiest solutions lol, pretty stupid that it was such a small thing after I had so much drama with this whole ExeFS thing. This didn't fix the saving issue, but after looking at the RomFS directories here and deleting mostly everything I didn't know about from the SD card, now I just managed to save three times with no problems. I can't be sure yet that the issue is solved, because occasionally in the past it would have these spells where everything seemed to be fine, but I think I truly believe this time. So with that, most of my problems here I believe are solved. If the big one (saving) is, then I'm gonna be pretty pleased, though I would still like to know how to mod textures as I really wanted to change some shinies (hopefully without crashing the game this time). It seems this was doable in some earlier version of Ohana 3DS (?), but in all the versions I downloaded the necessary features were either missing or didn't work properly (same for SPICA).
  4. I don't really understand much about this stuff but I assume it's LayeredFS? I have the 'game patching' option enabled on Luma so I assume it's that, no idea what NTR is. Definitely not a rebuilt CIA though. I changed some stuff in game text, level up moves, evolutions, item stats, move stats, title screen, trainers (for some reason when testing the Elite 4 was still vanilla though), wild encounters, and a lot of personal stats in RomFS. As for CRO, I think the only change is all gift Pokémon having max IVs, other than that, nothing I think. ExeFS is the weird one, though, I really don't understand it - I did once spend a whole day just trying to get it to work and no matter what I tried nothing seemed to have any effect in the game. Earlier today I just tried recompressing the exefs.bin after renaming .code.bin to code.bin (as someone said on the previous page here) but that didn't work either. However, the first Pokéball Mart in Aquacorde Town is selling only Cherish Balls (which seems to be an ExeFS edit?), which is probably a leftover of Eternal X, the romhack I originally started working on (it was through it that I found out about PK3DS actually), so it seems whatever ExeFS edits were originally made by him/her are still there while my own don't. I've tried editing the shiny rate (originally because I wanted to test some shiny textures I made, but those didn't work either, instead they froze the game, so I gave up on that too) and Mart items, always to no effect. Is it possible that maybe the saving freeze happens because the games expect some files to be modded when they aren't? That's the best theory I have, but I don't really understand much. If so, how do I put the freaking ExeFS into the game? I tried just about everything - putting an exefs.bin in the title folder, putting the files themselves there inside an exe or an exefs folder, I even tried rebuilding a CIA once but was eventually stopped by errors of all sorts. I'm using a digital game from Freeshop, though I do have the original (Y) game on cartridge (used to have X too but whatever). (btw, not replying to this too soon as the Breath of the Wild DLC is finishing downloading here and I'm gonna be all over that)
  5. Well I guess enough frustration set in for me to sign up here and ask for help. I've been messing around with Pokémon X for a while now and have made loads of changes to stuff, and obviously since not everything is easy to test on any save, I've started modifying saves as well so I can test stuff out, but recently I've been constantly stopped by a very annoying issue where I just can't save the game. It happens pretty much all the time, everytime I press the save button (specifically the "yes" button on the save prompt) I just get a soft lock where the game just freezes there though the music keeps playing. Very occasionally it saves just fine, but it seems to be completely random as I haven't yet been able to replicate it consistently (well when I beat the Elite 4 once it saved just fine when every other attempt at saving wasn't doing it, but I've only tried that once because it's not exactly the most useful method of saving). For the longest time I assumed this was an issue with PKHex interacting with a hacked game and creating a corrupted save in the process, or maybe just JK Save Manager was screwing something up, but now I just tried fixing it by deleting everything and reinstalling the game without any previous save data, and it still happened, so I'm led to believe it's being caused by something I changed on PK3DS (just tested saving on a vanilla game and as expected it works). Does anyone have any idea on what it might be? I've done edits on a lot of RomFS stuff and had messed around with CRO a bit as well, but I've already tried deleting the modded CRO files and it still didn't work (and I had also tried changing ExeFS stuff but gave up on it because I didn't know how to bring those changes into the game). I'm using Luma v8.1.1 on a 11.2.0-35U 3DS.
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