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  1. The shiny shellder works. The GMax Charizard & corviknight gives the unsupported file type/size error The GMax drednaw gives the "binary not compatible with save file. Current SAV generation: 8" error EDIT: The sellder file is 1 KB. The drednaw file is 65 KB. THe Charizard and corviknight files are 68 KB. Issue with this? EDIT 2: NVM, figured out why. I wasn't downloading the files initially, I was doing "save the link as" in the folder, which I shouldn't do at all. Sorry for the trouble, again thanks for this collection!
  2. Yes, I believe so. The extracted folder is named "PKHeX (191115)e"
  3. Quick question: I tried to import some of the GMax mons from their .pk8 files into pkhex, and it is giving all kinds of errors. One is about unsupported file type/size, another is "binary not compatible with save file. Current SAV generation: 8". Any idea why? Love your work!
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