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  1. Since this isn't a Rom Hack (or at least not yet, but may be one at one point), I thought I'd post here. Alright, here we go: We (Pokemon Perfect) are looking for Spriters to help us put our Fakemons on our Server. Our forum is mainly focussed on competitive play, and so, at one point, our Forums Flareon Disaster Area had the idea to create a balanced, fun Meta with self crafted Pokemon. After all, that is the best way to play a meta, right? In advance, we gathered Users that are capable of coding and creating balanced Sets, new attacks and bring over ideas. I, myself, just got involved very recently in it, as it looks like we are about to be at the last stage of the project. We had one problem though: We lacked a spriter. Thus, we discussed about what can be done to overcome that problem. And that´s where you (hopefully) become involved. Other than that, we always welcome others to join us on our mission: To build and play a meta. Links you might want to look into: https://discord.gg/UTnvTTt http://www.pokemonperfect.com/forums/index.php?threads/build-a-metagame-bam-fakemon-metagame-megathread.4688/#post-29184 Last, but not least, the site on which it will be implemented: http://pokemonperfect.psim.us/ We hope that you will be interested and participating in our Project I apoligize beforehand incase I posted this in the wrong topic or if anything else isn´t suitable (as I just registered). For further info, reply on here or PM me (or join the aformentioned Discord Server).
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