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  1. From bulbapedia: "In the first Ranger game, it unlocks after finishing the game. Special missions could be downloaded locally via GBA cartridge (SLOT-2) or wireless distribution in the Japanese version. The game boots within the Ranger Net and unlocks it automatically (even if there is no save data), but the downloaded missions can't be played before finishing the game."

  2. Hi, I was testing the usage of this program to inject the Aurora Ticket into FR/LG to compare with using the actual distribution rom. By comparing the save files using an hex editor I came to the conclusion that using this program and the actual distribution actually lead to different results, with the files having some differences. Can someone shed some light regarding this?

  3. 6 minutes ago, Julius_Blaze said:

    Hey there.

    The owner of the Mew doesn't want it to be shared online. I think from an archivist perspective that's also a good thing, since it could very well end up with scammers on Ebay or something.

    The archivists and the owner have it backed up in many ways possible, so it's well preserved. I think the best course of actions now is to try find more people engaged on it, so we can have a definitive answer to this mystery. 

    Well, when I think in preserving this kind of things is to share with the community otherwise it doesn't make any sense in the big picture of event preservation. Following that logic most events are preserved since GF must have the original saves/ carts somewhere in their storage. I was definitely interested in helping but this way of not sharing things with the community its not my way of doing things and its not beneficial in the long term.

    Even if this turns out to be legit, it's just as if no one ever found it since it won't be shared. Scammers online exist for everything and every Pokémon event so I don't think it will do any difference.

    Of course the owner does whatever it wants, this is just my opinion.

  4. On 17/11/2021 at 13:30, ajxpk said:

    @ Asuka MachidaReceber. (* ´ ▽ ` *) 
    Obrigado por sua contribuição. Já verifiquei os dados armazenados e irei compartilhar algumas informações ...

    CoroCoro Mew não é real. O CoroCoro Mew foi gerado como um Pokémon dentro do jogo. Em outras palavras, ao contrário do Mew entregue na "máquina especial" usada pela primeira vez no Nintendo Space World '97, há um IV aleatório.

    O evento GS Ball foi hackeado no jogo. O sistema móvel GB nunca foi usado e não há dados de notícias do Pokémon baixados.

    Os ovos misteriosos que já chocaram têm um IV de 0 e definitivamente não são reais. De acordo com as informações, eles foram distribuídos por meio de uma "máquina de distribuição de Pokémon". Esta é a mesma máquina usada pela primeira vez no Pokémon Center em Nova York em 2001.

    Você pode nos contar um pouco mais sobre isso? Por favor, me diga o que você recebeu pessoalmente. Alguns desses Pokémon são extremamente raros e foram distribuídos na loteria. Se você ainda tem documentos como cartas e certificados, isso ajuda. Se você não quiser compartilhar em público, pode falar pessoalmente. Obrigada.

    Is any Pokémon from that save file legit? I was very excited for the non-GS Ball Celebi :(

  5.  @町田明日香  



    Wow, this is really amazing. Thank you so much for your contribution!

    Reading the stories and having this piece of history in our hands is something priceless. I love hearing people's history of events and all the speculation and rumors behind it!

    On top of that, japanese events are super rare. Even more events from gen 1/2.

    I hope someone can take the pk files from the events in the boxes of the sav files and upload individually for the sake of preservation :)

    I just want to thank again for all this and wish you the best in your life!


  6. 1 hour ago, Deoxyz said:

    I thought I had seen them on Ahiru in the past, but I don't think I ever figured why there weren't downloads like with the Gen III events. Thanks for the explanation.

    That proves my point, they are preserved and are being hoarded away somewhere.

    I don't think that really helps us though, because iirc Ahiru doesn't answer emails anymore.

    Has anyone tried yet?

    Maybe someone who knows japanese could try!

  7. We have here in Project Pokemon several event Pokemon in very different  formats, in individual data (.pk),  as WonderCards (.wc) and even as gifts (.pgf).

    With that it is possible to complete the Pokedex in all generations and all languages available but there is one exception.

    We don't have access to Celebi in Gen II japanese games as it isn't possible to trade from an european language game.

    So, what I want to do here is appealing for people who may have one Japanese gen II event Celebi to share with everyone to preserve the last missing piece in terms of Pokedex completition in all games.

    Thank you!

  8. I just used this GBA because I wanted to trade some Pokemon from my Ruby.

    Never expected that the GBA problem would happen in the precise moment the game was saving.

    I can back up the save tomorrow.

    When i turn on the game it says that my save file was deleted. I think it will save as normal if I start all over again.

    But there isn't any way to fix the deleted save, is it?

    If your answer in negative I will restart the game as there isn't any need for me to backup the save...


  9. 3 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

    Upload a picture of your Pokemon LeafGreen cart.

    I'm getting the feeling that you played on a counterfeit cart (doesn't matter whether you knew it was one), and the battery ran dry.

    From my experience, for counterfeit carts, a battery is used to save the game, and for the cart to retain the save.
    (This isn't the case for real GBA carts; RSE does use a battery, but it's for Real Time Clock in the game. It still saves even if the battery runs out)

    If you indeed had a counterfeit cart, you save is lost forever. Replacing the battery won't bring back the save. (tho it'll allow it to make new saves)


    The alternative is equally bad tho.
    If you had a real cart, your flash memory somehow got damaged, and I doubt there's any way to fix it without soldering and replacing parts or something.

    It is a real cart.

    The problem is the GBA itself, it sometimes does this and crashes. My other GBA is fine and doesn't do this.

    The thing is that this time the GBA did this while I was saving...

    I guess the save is gone forever...

  10. Hi!

    I was playing Pokemon Leafgreen on my GBA SP and while saving it showed a error message "Save Failed. Checking backup memory".

    But nothing more happened...

    I turned the GBA off and turned it on again and it said that my save file was deleted...

    I had several hours into the game, is there a way to recover it? I can backup the save to PC with a DS Lite.

    Please help and thanks for your time...

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