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  1. Corrupted save

    Thanks. This worked.
  2. Corrupted save

    Okay, I can't believe I'm saying this, but the FTP transfer was to blame. I'm not sure if it was the client or the server, but the problem was that the file was not transmitted 100% correctly. I ended up with 2 files of different sizes. Thanks for mentioning the way I transfer the files. Problem solved for me. Gonna eject the SD card and plug it directly in the PC from now on.
  3. Corrupted save

  4. Corrupted save

    Did see your edit. Edited my reply as well.
  5. Corrupted save

    As main save files.
  6. Corrupted save

    I'm using JKSM for dumping and restoring the save games and I'm using ftpd(3ds) and filezilla(linux) to transfer the files over ftp to my PC.
  7. Corrupted save

    The unedited save dumps work fine. Just the ones exported by PKHeX don't work.
  8. Corrupted save

    Like I said, the edited save file does not load on the game. PKHeX does load the edited save game perfectly fine, so that is not the Problem. Plus I checked with Pokemon Y, same behavior. Plus since it's a save game, where I'm only 5 minutes into the game, I tested loading it on the cartridge, which is not working either. Restoring the original save game was no Problem. So it really seems to be something about the PKHeX edited save game. I'll try an old version of PKHeX next, to see if it might be a problem with the newest version. EDIT: No, old version didn't change anything.
  9. Corrupted save

    Hello there, I bumped into the same problem today. Every "main export" of my Pokemon Moon from pkhex so far gives me this error "corrupted save game data [...]". Did anyone solve the problem yet? I'm not familiar with editing 3ds save files yet. I'm only used to nds and gba ones. So for the record, this is what I did: - dumped my Pokemon Moon on my SD card (it had my original save game on it at the time) - dumped my save game from the cartridge - restored the save game to the game on the SD card Until this point everything worked perfect. Then I ... - took the exported save game and loaded it with PKHeX - I edited a few Pokemon* (Nickname, OT, Pokeball, some changes to make them valid) - loaded the save game to my 3ds - restored it to the SD card Pokemon Moon And that's when I got the error "corrupted save game data [...]". Sorry for the long post, but wanted to put as much details in it as possible. Maybe we can solve the mystery. Thanks in advance, pepper-jk *all of which I got from a friend about half a year ago over link trade and where created with PKHeX PKHeX version: My PKHeX is a clone of the current github repo (PKHeX about tells me the newest patchnote is from 17/09/05 - but I pulled today 17/09/12). I'm on Linux I build it with monodevelop-stable ( from aur) and it runs fine under wine.