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  1. Hello! Sorry i havent been checking this that much. Great information while i was gone. This really helps me out on my research!
  2. Pokemon Stamp Complete Info Rapidash Lv 40 ID: 00001-00020 (Based on low amount of distributed Pokemon from the Stamp Giveaways of Gen 3 and the fact that most magazines give away very low amounts of pokemon anyways. Its also worth noting that Shogakukan also hosted this event as well. Their Magikarp only had 20 distributions.) OT: スタンプ (Stamp) Moves: Pay Day --------------------------------------------------- Fearow Lv 40 ID: 00001-00020 (Read Rapidash's ID) OT: スタンプ (Stamp) Moves: Pay Day ---------------------------------------------------- "This Pichu was distributed to players who entered in a contest inside the October–December 2003 issue of the Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire stamp Contests & Gym Leader sheet (Japanese: ポケモンスタンプ ルビー&サファイア コンテスト&ジムリーダーシート) magazine. A total of 50 players were selected." -Bulbapedia The above quote was taken from Bulbapedia on the Stamp Distributions of 2003. "contest inside the October–December 2003 issue of the Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire stamp Contests & Gym Leader sheet" Guess who published that? Shogakukan.
  3. I am certain (93%) that these are the details for the University Magikarp Level: 5 ID 00001-00020 OT: タマムシ Attacks: Dragon Rage タマムシ is Celadon in Japanese and the "University" that the event is based off of happens to be in Celadon City (Anime) There is a 5 letter character limit in the original games so this meets that criteria. All of the symbols in タマムシ are in the original games as well. タマムシ大学 is Celadon University but that is 6 characters and the last 2 characters dont exist in the games. The characters for Shogakukan, the company that showed the event in their magazines, dont exist in the game either.
  4. I doubt their sites have any info on this Magikarp. We are lucky to know the details for the Legendary Pokemon Offer Mew 1st and 2nd distributions.
  5. See, here is the problem, most of the people that got this pokemon are probably old and have sold their pokemon games. In addition, the save batteries dry out and the save is deleted. Due to the dist size of 20, most, if not all, of their cart's save files are gone forever.
  6. When an event has a small distribution size they would usually increment the IDs between 2 numbers. Lets say there were 80 mew distributed. If i was the 60th person to get a mew my mew's ID would be 00060
  7. For the University Magikarp, I believe it to be likely that its ID was incremented, as only 20 were distributed. For the OT there is a chance that it could either be named 大学 (University) or what Shogakukan is in japanese.
  8. Thank you so much! Your information is invaluable to my research! Thank you!
  9. Im very excited for this! I have the british VC RBY mew!
  10. yes. however, the information on it wasnt of very much use. It didnt really give any info on ID/OT.
  11. So I understand that not much is known about the generation 1 japanese event pokemon. But still if you have information on ANY of the japanese gen 1 event pokemon please reply what you know about them below such as IDs, OTs, moves, etc.
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