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  1. Can we simulate trades with this app between nds games

    So the results will be the same as if doing a real trade? Or some hidden data will change and wont be accurate
  2. Can we simulate trades with this app between nds games

    O.o how did i miss such news a ds emu with wifi daaamn. But its 64bit my ancient xp pc cant run it :( So sad Well maybe i will have to wait another decade to transfer my pokemon, there will be 3ds android emus too by that time hopefully
  3. Pokémon GO Anniversary

    So my hope is that some hacker will come out of nowhere one day and release accounts with all the pokemon inside. I missed the first days of yugioh duel links too i guess i will miss some cards forever now yay. Oh well atleast they are doing a event now with a free dark magician and blue eyes white dragon with alternative artworks so thats minus 2 rare missing stuff.
  4. Sadly ds wifi emulation never got completed and anyway the servers got pulled down so im looking for a way to trade in all the ds pokemon games so i can collect all the pokemon... Can pkhex or pokegen simulate the trading process or atleast if i open two windows of one of those apps and move the pokemon from one save to another will the traded pokemon have the same data as one coming from a normal trade with two ds games? By data i mean all the hidden data that can be seen with a hex editor or whatever im not a big expert in this kind of things like trash data/bytes or whatever its called. And will event pokemon that can activate events in another game activate them? For example if i get the pichu wondercard from this site and insert it in my diamond with pkhex/pokegen and transfer the pichu to my soulsilver by dragging my pichu from diamond to soulsilver with pkhex will the pichu activate the spiky pichu event in soulsilver?. And do pokemon like scyther evolve to scizor if i tranfer it to my other save? I heard something about moving scyther then changing him to a scizor in the other save with the phkex app that kinda feels non legit to me :/ Im trying to do a one and only playthrough with no cheats or hacked pokemon and complete the dex in alk ths gen 1-5 for the first time ever since stuff like legit gen 1 mew exist now :D (i stopped pokemon on diamond and never had a complete dex and missed a lot of secrets, ALL events and didnt even had a silver symbol in the frontiers so this will feel like a new experience heh) Or is there any other method for trading with emulators im willing to try anything even apps that will burn my pc or phone :D I heard about desmume wifi builds but im not sure if it can work now that the servers are closed.
  5. Pokémon GO Anniversary

    Is this a once in a lifetime thing? Did this game had this kind of limited events before? Crap my phone cant handle this game i will probably miss half of the rare pokemon by the time i buy a new phone All the new games have this annoying limited time content crap i miss the days when i had a complete game with all its content and not this dlc crap rip all new users of those games. Rip collectors too