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  1. Thank you for the answer! Really appreciate it. I have another question? What is the thing that you're referring as Wonder Card? I try to google it and look how to delete it and didn't get how to do it. I mean, im new to the use of pkhex and when I use it, for example with the Koko, the only thing that i did, was to drag the file to a slot on one of my boxes. So where is the wonder card to delete? Sorry if my english is kind of mess up, is not my first language. Thanks again for the help! Oh and another question, again sorry for this, but the events that are here on this gallery that are from another generation, has to go to that game and then transfer or i just can drag them to my Moon file?
  2. Hello, this is my first post here. Im sorry for the ignorance, i´ve read every post on this thread and I just want to see if I get all of it. I have an american 3ds with USA as country and ENG as language, according to what I read; its not possible to have a shiny Tapu Koko right because of the wonder card region (locked)? Now, I've already played with this pokemon on the battle spot online. What should I do, should I release him or what? Thanks in advance for the answers. Pd, My Koko is the JAP version that i downloaded from this site.
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