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  1. I kept trying but I never managed to compile it. I would be greateful if anyone posts the compiled exe of the lastest version on github.
  2. I think that this modification doesn't need more than PKHeX (assuming that we have the values in block data) but anyways, thanks for the feedback. I won't be using this kind of save online
  3. I installed these components but the Build menu doesn't have Build solution. What is the minimum that I need to download in order to compile it? I'd be greatful if anyone compiles the latest version for me
  4. I actually have found an intresting bug in the The Galarian Star Tournament. After completing Crown Tundra in Sword, I copied the same save file to Shield and I loaded it in order to see the other gym leaders in The Galarian Star Tournament. What surprised me is that I was still able to select Bea, Gordie and Klara in Pokémon Shield and play with them. It seems that the gym leaders unlocks remain stored within the save file and not the game rom. I wonder if there is a way to use PKHeX in order to unlock every single gym leader from both games and play with them. These screenshots are actually taken from Pokémon Shield.
  5. der_bayer36

    display bug

    I got a display bug on windows 10 that prevents me from seeing all pokemon in boxes (25/30). i tried to run pkhex with different compatibility modes but nothing changed.
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