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  1. I mean, I own a copy of Omega Ruby, so I'm not commiting a crime, but, sure, insult me instead of helping me. I've BEEN looking for tutorials and crap. I didn't find anything, why the hell else would I come here?
  2. The level of Chinese that came out to me as is just... boggling. I already have a .3ds, is there a way to get the dump from THAT? Edit: Please note, I'm technologically retarded. Anything beyond... Iunno, downloading and extracting a .zip, I need to have my hand held. [That's over exageration, but, I'm still dumb with this crap.]
  3. Is there a way to do this with .3ds files to play it on Citra? Don't have, nor intend on, hacking my 3DS.
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