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  1. I Have Used Pkhex on a bunch of different ways to modify my saved data so far i am not banned, things that i did: all legal cloths for trainer, 199 wins on battle tree i modified the battle points earn and battle points that i had so it looks like i got all the wins waited like 6 hours of game time before resync my id, changed the eggs hatched to 8700 so it looks like shiny pokemons where hatched by me waited arround 48 hours of game time before resync my id getting 1200 eggs an every 10 hours is possible with magikarps, made alot of shinies but i changed the eggs hatched time to after the pokebank and all on different days (again 1200 eggs a day is possible and is easy to get shinies with swap method anyway), gave my self a couple of masterballs and bottle caps but i put them on the held item of pokemons, i guess the important thing is to make things look legit so the game sync cant detect changes also it seems that they ban ppl on tuesday after maintenance.
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