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  1. Hey Kuroi Gekkouga! Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your time here! I find the forums on this website to be quite useful. Nice to see someone new joining!

  2. Hey! I have been looking through the forums, and I wanted to make something like Gen 7 sets, but not too much like it. It would resemble something like RoC PC and I would love some PKHeX file sets for you to share with me! I am currently looking for any Pokémon. However, it has a few requirements

    1:It must NOT be from any download file from the Forum.

    2.I want Unique sets that stand out only IF possible (Like Z-Tailwind or something) Unique sets would 'spice it up' if you get what I mean

    3. No obviously hacked sets. I want these to be stuff like Pokeball Incineroar not something like shiny beast ball metagross with perfect 6IV's

    If you help contribute, you will be mentioned, as I will create a notepad file with everyones name on it who contributes. It will have MY personal teams/sets and everyone elses who helps. I know this may be a BIG leap (Maybe...?) because my reputation currently is about 4 but, I want to create a file that people can download for not so obviously hacked Pokémon with abstract movesets, and they can modify it as they please. It would basically be a basic template for competitive play. I would have a base team with decent coverage, and then include the files so they could diverse it.

    If you contribute, I would like to thank you

    Quote this in your mention and I will personally respond to you.


  3. Hey! I have the same problem when searching for it (I won't need it, as I have it on the 3ds) But your best bet is on a website called gbatemp.net/

    It is where theSlayer found a Pokémon Rumble World editor for me, and where I have found a few abstract save editors before.

    It is probably your best bet, and if you don't find anything, go on Reddit.com, make an account and post something on one of their forums.

    Hope this helps!

  4. 13 hours ago, coltonsmogon said:

    I ban KittyCats because the Mew in his picture isn't shiny & that he denies the ultimate power of Mega Rayquaza & Shiny Mega Rayquaza...


      Reveal hidden contents



    Rayquaza Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave.png




    Did you just ASSUME my gender? How DARE YOU! I am a woman and I have RIGHTS!

    (This is a joke at feminism, I am a boy ;))

    Rayquaza is stupid. It can be 1 shot by a choice specs blizzard from a Glaceon. I honestly hate quite a few shinies that got the black treatment (Charizard because its ugly, Ray is ugly too, just look at this)

    Image result for shiny rayquaza

    Ugh, so ugly

    I also don't like Celesteela, Blastoise, Greninja, Chesnaut.... basically all the starters except these:

    Bulbasuar,Ivysaur,Venasuar (Bc Bulbasaur is cute, Ivysaur is in Smash Bros Brawl (on the Wii) and Venasaur because... Just look at the design)

    Fennekin,Braixen,Delfox (Basically the same as the Bulbasaur evo line, but Braixen is in Pokken Tournament, not Smash)

    Oshawott,Samurott (Oshawott is my brothers favourite pokemon and its cute. Dewott is ugly and Samurotts lure is really interesting)

    Popplio,Brionne,Primarina (Popplio is the ugly ducking and I love him, Brionne= Feminine, Primarina is a siren)

    Chikorita,Bayleef,Meganium (All are cute)

    Mudkip,Swampert (I am gonna be honest, I don't like the middle evo so much I forgot its name. Mudkip=cute,Swampert=cool)

    And finally


    Sorry for any typos and this LONG list

    Btw, my least favourite starter is the Charmander line. I ONLY like Charmander from that evo line. Charmeleon= Ugly and so is Charizard.


  5. 20 minutes ago, coltonsmogon said:

    I ban evandixon for banning KittyCats because he didn't actually post pictures of Mew to demonstrate its cuteness. I also ban KittyCats because of his apparent "claims" of discrimination against cats & Sylveon (Dear god, they're just :x).

    And now, here are some pics of both non-shiny & shiny Mew:


      Hide contents





    Also, Rayquaza/Shiny Rayquaza FTW...


    3 hours ago, evandixon said:

    I ban KittyCats for failing to provide pictures to demonstrate Mew's cuteness.

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    I ban evendixon and coltsmogon due to failing to realise all of these mew pictures are ugly. The true Master is here. BEHOLD! THE ANCESTOR OF ARCEUS.... MEW!

    (now this is coot)

    Image result for cute mew

    You have 1 week left before you are permanently banned due to not mentioning Nihilego too.

    Enjoy your last week ;)



    Save Nihilego, all it wants is a host...

    Be its host or die!

    Either way, you die though... so 'bewear'

    That was probably the worst pokemon pun ever.

  6. 3 hours ago, coltonsmogon said:

    KittyCats is banned because of his apparent love of kitty cats (& Sylveon for some reason).

    coltsmogon is now banned due to discrimination towards cats and Sylveon.

    I actually like Mew and Nihilego better as they are both so cute! (mew= anime, nihilego=when it rubs its tentacle things together in the games)

  7. 13 hours ago, coltonsmogon said:

    I ban evandixon for posting the TV Tropes link & being as nosy as that Fennekin in his profile picture.

    Dear Coltsmogon,

    You are now banned from the ProjectPokemon forums due to no mention of 'Le Bootyful Sylveon'

    Further action may be taken if you do not mention 'Le Bootyful Sylveon' in your next post

    Follow rule 34: 'Always Quote Le Bootyful Sylveon'

    Kind regards

    Le Bootyful Sylveon Overlord


    (Le mems is real)

  8. 5 hours ago, gabesan21 said:

    I'll try to do a Game Sync after the injection. I'm screwed anyway...

    You could just download a save file and see if that works...


    5 hours ago, gabesan21 said:

    For example, I noticed that if I create the Pokémon in an edited save and use the Bank, I can transfer without any problems to another save that I use for Game Sync. That's because PGL checks some flags for each Pokémon. If it exists from nothing, without an entry for capture, trade, transfer from Bank or breed, it will be marked as hacking

    That's because it needs to be obtained for it to be legal. You may have encountered a problem trying this...


    5 hours ago, gabesan21 said:

    So, I think that my problem started here

    Well your problem probably started when you made Illegal Pokemon using PKHeX and the hack check flagged it.

  9. 11 hours ago, gabesan21 said:

    I got an 090-0207 when trying to Game Sync an edited save. Do you know if it's a permanent ban, or no?

    Another question: If I import to my save those wondercards you have here, can my save be flagged as illegal on Game Sync?

    The second question is because I have two events (Munchlax with Snorlium-Z and Mewnium-Z from PokeBank) that I want to get in a new save, if I can't Game Sync the old one again......T-T

    You error code doesn't seem to be anything to do with PKHeX... You might've injected a wc at the wrong event time, and the game has picked up on this with the hack-check maybe...? I did a quick Bing search, and it looked like the one with PKHeX is something like 090-2011 or 090-0212.... I have no clue what that error code could be. Maybe it could be a error code for those with Game Sync?

    Well, what-ever it is, at least it says something

    Back up save files

    I am not gonna rant or anything, but if a save file becomes corrupt, and you do not have a back-up.... to put it simply

    You'd be screwed

    You would have to start it all over again lol


    (For the first time in forever...)

    Kind Regards


  10. So when I go on Homebrew, I can extract my Pokemon Rumble save file. I wanted to know if there are any RELIABLE save editors. I have found one on Git.Hub, but I cannot make it into a app as I do not have Winrar. Help anyone?

  11. 9 hours ago, Kaphotics said:

    It also has fashion, skin color, etc. Miscellaneous is a good enough representation for the multitude of things there.

    Kapothics, I know this is off topic, but it is possible to implement a gender swap without the game breaking or...? Because I have tested the boundires of the game before (Map Location and PKHexing through walls) and one of the few things I noticed was that I cannot change the gender (Through Skin Color) without as soon as I load it, I see the person as the correct gender I swapped it to, but as soon as I load it, the screen goes black and it says 'an error occured'

    Also, could you add a function to add changing Shiny chances or...? Because I have seen a lot of digits on Miscellaneous that is like 995 for e.g and it does not say what it is. Thanks for reading if you saw this :3


    53 minutes ago, JISN064 said:

    No Guard Fissure Machamp won't pass any legality check:

    Gen1 VC pokemon will have their HA when transfered to Gen7 games


    Power-Up punch its a Gen6 TM while Boby Slam Kangashkhan is a Gen1 moveset.


    IIRC Gen1 pokemon can only be transfered directly to Gen7 games (Sun and Moon)

    True about Machamp, but Kangaskhan can be obtained through Pokemon Red/Blue Vertual Console (the glitch/MissingNo) and PokeBanked up to Gen 6 where it can get Power-Up Punch

  13. 3 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

    I don't want to sound harsh, and I know you deleted the old thread,
    but please don't repost/repeat threads.

    Do wait for someone to help you.

    This type of requests aren't typically high priority, so it'll take a while.


    Ok I will. I thought people had ignored me so...

  14. So after starting a new game, my screen turns black and I cannot do anything. That is why I am asking for this after my other post failed

    Hey there. Well, I just want a save file. Don't care whether male/female, what progress or if it has shinies or not. I don't care about the starter. In fact, I would enjoy a random Pokemon team. (OT can be anything)

    One request though I have just went on Random.org and got the following. Please make these if you are doing the save file using PKHeX (I highly recommend it) or another save file editor. Please try to keep it legit IF POSSIBLE






    Exeggutor (CAN BE ALOLA FORM)

  15. 5 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

    Whoa, wall of text. Space out your posts, dang!

    It sounds like you're affected by the second ban, the one related to game sync (Wonder-guard Arcanine tipped me off).

    Going to answer your post part by part.

    For starters, I'm not sure if traded Pokemon won't get you banned.
    I would tell you not to risk it, but if you have to, OT, TID, SID of traded Pokemon would be different from your main save (for obvious reasons),
    and your save's trainer's name would be the Latest NotOT Handler.

    If it's legal, Pokemon Bank would accept it.

    My National Dex in Pokemon Bank and in Sun Moon (the game does record what you have seen and obtained, just doesn't display it)
    is complete with all possible Pokemon, and I ain't banned (yet)

    Just in case I haven't mentioned it (I feel like I have, in the other thread),
    we don't know the specifics of how one gets banned.
    (it's not like we work for Game Freak, and it's not like they listed out clearly what leads to people getting banned)

    It is possible that once you game synced, they may compare before and after saves (on their server), against other variables in the save that we have yet to document,
    to see if you legitimately obtained everything.

    No one will be able to give you a definite answer and no one will be responsible for you being banned, if you still somehow got banned.

    I don't use PKHeX on my main cart, and I trade over whatever items I need for my personal game play, as I know trades count are logged.

    PKHeX does tons of things, and that's one of it.

     when I said creating a 6IV Pokémon that is shiny, I meant like all your pokemon being shiny. Thanks for the response :D

  16. So I was looking at some of the topics, and a post reminded me of the Ban Wave. Now, technically speaking, is it possible to have a hacked Pokémon from a trade with another 3ds you own, because wouldn't the game recognise it as a traded Pokémon therefore you cannot get banned? I only have a banned version of Moon due to my playing around with PKHeX/PKHaX and creating stuff like wonder-guard Arcanine, and I do not own a 2nd 3ds. Anyway, back to the topic. Could you trade a 'legitimate' (created from PKHeX) from ORAS/XY to SM through Pokebank? Could you have a almost complete Pokedex with ONLY legal Pokémon and not get banned? Could you have every legal clothing item in your version AND have 1,000,000 festival coins and not get banned? This is starting to get repetitive but, could you have 100 of every item and not get caught? And most importantly, could you create a Pokémon using PKHeX with 6IV's AND Shinified? I don't know the answers so if anyone of you know, could you tell me? Thanks for reading and I hope you have a nice day :3

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  17. Hi Sonic_Shaymin! I hope you enjoy the Forums like I do :3 I also like Shaymin, Buizel and Sylveon, but ironically, I hate charizard. IMO it is too over-rated. But like I said, this is all IMO. IMO MEANS IN MY OPINION just so you know :P

  18. 5 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:


    I can't imagine how to help you right now.

    If you're still concerned about the Pokemon (that is stuck in a save you can't extract),
    Trade it to a friend, then get it back.

    It would fix the Latest Current Handler (the game writes to it)

    Ok, I will try when the next homebrew update comes out... Thanks for your time! :D:D:D

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