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  1. Okay, I've tweaked the egg moves of a bunch of US bred Pokemon, and 3 years after the fact I'm getting illegality flags (which, as I cannot edit Gen 8, means I have to redo them in gen / and transfer all over again). Still, this particular flag bugs me, as, AFAIK, if you bred 2 Slowpoke with the movesets displayed as the egg moves, the offspring would inherit them, as technically starting moves are level up moves: https://i.imgur.com/ZFOtU0R.png Thanks for your time!
  2. Nevermind, it was an issue with different expected learnsets for Snorlax/Munchlax, and the error message and hatch location tipped me off, my apologices.
  3. An X-bred Snorlax, hatched on Route 7 (where the wild Snorlax is found in XY), appears initially flagged as legal (and is, manually bred), but, if an egg move is added to the list, it is flagged as unexpected no matter what, even if they are egg moves or level up moves. If the legality icon is right-clicked, I get an error message, but that is happening with every legality check since I installed the latest version of PKHeX (and that may merit a separate thread). However, from what I recall from previous versions, that Snorlax got flagged as "not expecting relearn moves" anyway.
  4. Pokemon originating in gens III and IV, where those balls are usable, cannot have their hidden abilities, and, due to the breeding mechanics of gen VI (where the female will pass the ball, and the hidden ability if it has it), it was impossible to breed a HA Pokemon in balls other than those usable in gens V and VI, and of course PKHeX would mark them as illegal. However, due to the changes of ball inheritance in gen VII, where breeding Pokemon of the same species has a 50% chance of passing the male's ball, means that it is theorically possible to get HA Pokemon in those 2 kinds of balls: Say, breeding a Gen III male Pinsir caught in a Safari Ball with a female Moxie Pinsir would have a chance of producing a Moxie Pinsir in a Safari Ball. I have to test it out to see if it is anything more than a conjecture, but, if positive, HA Pokemon in pre-Gen V balls may be legal, as long as they originate in SM. Thanks for your time.
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