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  1. Yeah, you're right ^^ Thanks
  2. Oh, thank you, that would work too, but I thought there be another way, like putting the .pkm files onto the pc so that they are not in the game files anymore, so that have them legal "transfered"
  3. Can you transfer those Pokemon to the PC and than add them to X,Y,Oras or Sun and Moon? Because I don't have money in the moment and no copy of BW 2... 😓
  4. Charming Munna (English)

    I absolutely don´t know what to do! I downloaded Pokestock and tryed to edit the file and save it, but it won´t work! And know I made a mistake and deleted my file... There is no guide in the internet, I can´t find anything! Please help me (and the other persons who don´t understand this...)