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  1. Hi there. What should I type in mass editor to clear all residences in the memories? Thank you.
  2. I just tried this but when I un-check this "Nickname" box it gives back its Japanese name (original language); while the ones I evolved in game all have English name and this box un-checked.
  3. When a traded pokemon evolves in a different language, it will have name in the new language, while its "language" shown is still its original language. Can PKHex do this?
  4. Try backup your old save, then open a new save. Before you go online with the new save, change TID and SID of the new save in PKHex, then go online to get a sync id. replace your old save's sync id with the new one, then you are done. This worked for gen6, not sure if it still works.
  5. Would it be legal to import pkm file from gen5 to gen7? Would it pass online battle?
  6. Titles at Offset 0x69C18 and 0x69DA8 are both pokemon caught, what is the difference between them? They give different numbers in unaltered saves. Similarly there are two "Pokemon Evolved" tags.
  7. j3hO6OdJWb

    pokedex bug

    a bug in pokedex: mega Venusaur cannot select female. also please remove all impossible megas and shiny legendary gen7s from complete dex in the pokedex. They may make user get banned.
  8. To be safe better to delete your old sync on pokemon global website, and re sync with a new account.
  9. The klink caught in pokemon sum/moon is shown to be unknown encounter and invalid relearn moves.
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