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  1. I know bro , But in some kind of way people in his stream really want to have an ''AuS'' Pokémon dont ask my why but they do everything to get one.. And sadly enough he makes money from this who everyone can do with only homebrew..
  2. Yo guys , I saw that many people want an ''AuS'' pokémon from the streamer AuSLove.TV. I made clones and they are exactly the same as he giveaway! Here I have 5 Limited Editions of the Shiny Pokémons he gave away on 23th of Januari 2017 when he was Live Wondertrading with Veatrix. I hope I could help you guys a little bit! (The only thing you can see if their fake is because of the ID. no but no one is gonna look into that!) Enjoy your AuSLove.TV Pokémons! 051-01 ★ - Dugtrio (Limited Edition Live WT 23-01-2017).pk7 319 ★ - Sharpedo (Limited Edition Live WT).pk7 398 ★ - Staraptor (Limited Edition Live WT).pk7 405 ★ - Luxray (Limited Edition Live WT).pk7 612 ★ - Haxorus (Limited Edition Live WT).pk7
  3. I did everything in the Injection Guide but I didn't got a CIA file I got a 3ds file instead when I did the Dump Cart so what now? I have a Luma Old 3ds 11.2 and I did the dumping with Hourglass 9 , It also gives this https://gyazo.com/a7f15156f5ff7792745bc9ff03442d2e , I updated my Pokemon Sun to 1.1 I have a Cartridge of it