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  1. Yeah, I already checked to see if it was gender locked by turning it into a Dream World 'mon, and PKHeX told me a female was legal, so not sure what's up. The file's attached, thanks for your help, @theSLAYER 302 - Ghouligan - 7C19BDDA6094.pk5
  2. Hi, I'm trying to create a Prankster Sableye in a White 2 save, but I keep getting this error - "Invalid: Hidden Ability not available." The Sableye is set to hatch from an egg, and as I understand it, in White 2, Hidden Abilities could be passed down through breeding. So why is it invalid? Thanks in advance.
  3. The things you mentioned don't hinder your ability to create a legit Pokemon at all. The obsolete options will eventually be removed when they update the program, and I'm sure the Record Edit system will be added and such. I doubt the creators of the program are unaware that they haven't implemented these features yet. They just likely wanted to release the most important feature first - which is the ability to create Pokemon. As for the locations, yes, it's not as simple as just picking a location from the drop-down menu - instead, you need to set the 46h hex value to the location you want (list of locations is found here) and set the location in the drop-down menu to Faraway Place. It's not exactly a secret - you should look around the forum more.
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    Okay, so I'm trying to create a legitimate-looking Pokemon that was an egg received in Pokemon Platinum, traded to SoulSilver, and hatched in SoulSilver. I'm just wondering how that's supposed to work. Do I set the met location to "Day-Care Couple" still, and then hatch location to wherever I wanted it to hatch in SoulSilver? Thanks.
  5. It'll always be "apparently" hatched if it's ID and SID don't match yours.
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