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  1. I'm familiar with false positives as I used to torrent games, I just wanted to bring it to everyone attention since this update is the only one that causes this issue. Also my exclusions do not work as shown from my pictures but I made my way around it.
  2. What Defender says its finding: Category: Trojan Description: This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker. Recommended action: Remove this software immediately. Items: file:C:\Users\Kyle\Desktop\PKHeX (170922)\PKHeX.Core.dll Get more information about this item online. Excluding the files seems not to work either... I have to use the "Run Anyway" option when wanting to use the program Just wanted to get this out and let the developers know that for some reason Windows Defender is marking their program as a Trojan virus.
  3. Join my community trading discord server Pokémon Black-Market! See you there!

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    Hello o/

    Hello you wonderful trainers! Just thought I'd introduce myself, as I plan on becoming a pretty active Genner! Already have a bunch of free giveaways planned and in my free time I might as well catch some Pokémon requests to help everyone out! Can't wait to get started!
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