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  1. I just did that with svdt and it still says the same thing. Should I drag my back up "main" to the folder on the SD and try again or would I have to start a new game on ORAS then overwrite it with my backup?
  2. I got the hombrew method to work smoothly with pkhex and save manager but after one export I saved my game then tried another one and now when I open ORAS on 3DS (Eshop, not cartridge) a message comes up that says "The saved data is not compatible with this version, so it can't be used". My game is updated as well. Is there any way to fix this?
  3. I appreciate you very much sir you are a life saver
  4. Do you mind shooting me a link to the homebrew method? I'm not having much luck with cybersaves after this update. I appreciate your help
  5. does anybody have a solution to this "Crucial Update" message that appears when you click the english version now?
  6. So should I install the japanese version when it comes up?
  7. My Cyber Gadget says it needs crucial update and when I say no it closes the app but when I say yes it goes into this Japanese installer is there anyway to get the english back after the update or a way around it?
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