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  1. It modifies the OT name and then treats any Pokemon I edit as if it were traded (which can be annoying in-game with a during a playthrough, when level caps in Gen. IV are a little inconsistent between games (in my opinion)). Edit: Any of MY Pokemon that I caught in that game's save file.
  2. Okay, here's the story: I open my newly started SoulSilver save file in PokeGen (3.1.13), and I go to edit my Totodile. I notice that when I go to the final tab, in the Trainer Information section my In-game Name (Ben...) is not displayed correctly. What isn't displaying correctly you might ask? PokeGen says the "...", or the Ellipsis character rather, is invalid [ATTACH=CONFIG]13273[/ATTACH] After doing some research, the "Invalid Character" can be imputed as "/246C" in PokeGen's character map. However, once I have loaded mentioned SoulSilver save file (as well as any other 4th Gen. sa
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