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  1. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I have that message when clicking the red sign on my Pokemon saying it's invalid. Though when I use them on stuff like Battlespot and whatnot they aren't being flagged or anything and are usable. Is this something I should worry about or just ignore?
  2. @jasenyoface I don't have Wine Staging, probably look to get that as well.
  3. @jasenyoface I do not have X11 installed. Does that help a lot?
  4. @jasenyoface I've tried both, was hoping running it directly would work but still no dice. :-( I may try once more sometime tonight though. I guess if there's anything else to ask, how should I setup the advanced settings. Like, what should I tick off in each category, etc.
  5. @jasenyoface I'm using the latest version (I think) 1.8 or whatever it is haha. Multiple PKHeX are just previous download versions. I know I downloaded both the mono one and non mono one. In your example, you said to use the non mono version, which I have. I've tried making it on my desktop and my downloads folder and still no dice. When I previously used PKHeX, I never had an app for it, it was just the straight download and opened it with Winebottler.
  6. @jasenyoface @giant glowing skeleton After numerous attempts, it still doesn't load fully for me. Closest it got was like maybe an inch or 2 from fully loading. It did say Prefix loaded successfully and I hit 'okay' but then instead of an app, I got the little notepad icon or whatever. Just straight up can't get the thing to load fully. Those are the settings I used, and what happened after I hit okay.
  7. @jasenyoface Oh boy, haha. I guess I can give it one more go. Anything I should do before I try again? Like, any specifics?
  8. @jasenyoface Yeah, it says "Show packaged contents".
  9. @jasenyoface Okay, so this time it created the app, however, each time I try to click it, it won't open or do anything. Like I can't even right click and get the 'Open with Wine' setting.
  10. @jasenyoface It didn't close. I closed it though afterwards to see if I could load it up, but no dice. Doing another quick install to try and get to the step again.
  11. @jasenyoface Unfortunately, when I clicked the X, this came up. cx
  12. @jasenyoface Update: So I did exactly what you said, and PKHeX popped up. However, I still have the 'Install' loading bar on my screen, saying it's installing PKHeX. The bar appears to have stopped moving. Is that what happened with you?
  13. @jasenyoface Yeah, I did get to the part where it said to restart, but chose restart now everytime. I'll try what you suggested and see what happens! When you say operational, you're saying you don't have to do this whole process again, right? One and done type thing?
  14. @jasenyoface Yeah sorry, to continue off from the other thread. I did basically everything you pointed out, but when I tried to open PKHeX again, it gives me the same error as usual. Even when I was able to make the apps, they wouldn't open either.
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