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  1. Is it possible to confirm if cartridges when released will run on firmwares lower than 11.2 or will this be like the ACNL update and require the latest firmware to run?
  2. Hi I'd appreciate some help as I'm new to this. I have OOT3Dhax installed and running fine with only the current files on the Sd card: -boot.3dsx from homebrew startter kit in root directory of Sd card -no payload file in root of sd card as not required for OOT3Dhax according to install tutorial -XML for red english version from OP in mmap folder in SD card root directory called red.xml -SVDT and boot.3dsx linked form OP in my 3ds folder renaimed redboot.3dsx -OOT3Dhax installer files in 3ds folder I follow all the steps from OP and get to the red screen but cant pick what I may have done wrong except that when the homebrew launcher loads from OOT3D it says *hax 2.6. Other users have commented that upgrading to *hax 2.7 resolved their issues, how do I update OOT3Dhax to 2.7? Is there anything else I may be doing wrong? Thanks for the help. EDIT: Solved. For anyone with the same issue. -Download the newest payload from: http://smealum.github.io/3ds/ using the 'download otherapp' button -rename the download file payload.bin and put on the SD card -Boot homebrew and use SVDT to access OOT3d save -delete the payload.bin file from the OOT3d save (payload for 2.6) and copy the payload from the SD card onto OOT3d (payload for 2.7) -next time you run homebrew it will be 2.7 and tutorial above will work. See instructions form this thread -> https://gbatemp.net/threads/how-to-update-oot3dhax-10-2-10-3.403025/
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