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  1. Sorry, I meant to also clarify that I am as novice as novice can get with this I thought that the link you sent me was just to randomize. I'll try it out and get back.
  2. How would you suggest I go about extracting so I can edit those exe files? They're not the BIGGEST thing in the world, but I'd like the option. Right Now I use Soundhax/Hans since everything newer seems to either require certain games or cater more toward sun/moon and don't work on my version.
  3. Well, I've gotten the game extracted and am currently editing it in PK3ds (I'm not randomizing, btw, im actually building it) any tips on how to edit the Exefs elements (Stores, tms/hms, etc.)?
  4. I have an old 3ds version 11.2.0-35U and am trying to hack an Omega Ruby as a gift for someone, what is the best route for me to take right now? (preferably without internet on the 3ds since the person I'm giving this to might accidentally update the game at some point, so id rather do the hack and then turn wifi off when i give it to her) To be clear, right now i have the game, the 3ds and the sd card and that is all. i haven't braindumped or homebrewed yet. i couldnt get soundhax to work for some reason
  5. I found out what happened, I just moved hans to the sd card itself. it WAS in the 3ds folder, now, when I open homebrew, I just press B and access hans that way
  6. I am trying to get my old browserhax/sliderhax Pokemon AS romfs file to work with soundhax, but whenever I pull up Hans, it says that the romfs file is invalid after I select alpha sapphire from the hans menu It was working a year ago (mind you, this WAS a year ago) but now it won't? The filename is 0011c500.romfs why isn't it working? after I select Romfs -> SD <YES> it says: Romfs path (INVALID) : sd:/hans/0011c500.romfs
  7. Ok.... So, my Exefs tools are still not working. I've rebuilt the rom, changed exefsdir to exe, changed code.bin to .code.bin, renamed the folder i'm working on to pk3ds, rebuilt, decrypted, no fix. Idunno. I've read throughout the thread and everyone says to just either rebuild or rename, I'm thinking that I'm still missing a step somewhere. as another note (And it's not too big of a deal) wherever the alternate forms are listed, like the personal stats page for instance, the pokemon/stats that show up are wrong. for example, the dropdown box says mega sharpedo, but the sprite and stats that show up are mega camerupt. If I edit this page, I would be editing Mega Camerupt I assume, even though it says mega sharpedo, right?
  8. I see those files, but how do I manually restore just the trainers? I've finished all of the routes and abilities, I don't want to start over.
  9. How do I do that? I only see .bin files in the rom folder
  10. right, but if i restore from the backup files, won't that restore everything? I just want the trainers back.
  11. I know you can dump and import text files, and I know you can dump trainer files, is there a way to import trainer files? If not, is there any other way to restore the original trainers without affecting anything else?
  12. Ok, update. I found this pic of the route's original Dexnav: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13101[/ATTACH] It works. My route is as follows: grass: 6 different pokemon Horde: 3 pokemon that are all available individually within the grass old rod: 2 pokemon good rod: the same 2 pokemon from the old rod super rod: 1 unique pokemon foreign dexnav encounters: 3 unique pokemon From what I gather, the limits are based off total water (surf and fishing) and land (grass and horde) pokemon. Notice how surskit has a sprite in the water and the land? I will see what happens when I get to a rocksmash area, but the best i can figure, the Dexnav can process DIFFERENT sprites in the land or water areas but not MORE, if that makes sense. having said that, I did make one of the foreign Dexnav encounters Torchic (Which is the same as my starter) but it did not show up. I think, once I gain access to the foreign dexnav encounters, torchic will appear there. When I get to tall grass and rocksmash areas, I will post my findings on whether they are/are not "land pokemon".
  13. Well, in the first post, I didn't list the 3 foreign Pokemon, so there are a total of 21 in this area, but I just realized that I have 4 horde Pokemon, not 3. I'll fix that and try again.
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