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  1. So I've been online all day genning Pokemon on PKHex by using QR Codes. Things were going awesome. And.... now all of a sudden I can't. At all. Regardless of what QR Code I use (I've tried COUNTLESS QR Codes), PKHex will freeze, show Not Responding, then give me the message "Unable to Connect to the Internet to Decode QR Code" ...When I am connected to the internet. I've tried wireless, hard-wired, multiple PCs, rebooting our modem and nothing! I don't understand why this would all of a sudden start happening when its been fine all day and I'm having absolutely no internet issues. I'm typing this on the very PC where my PKHex is installed. Anyone else have any suggestions?
  2. So someone asked me to edit some stuff in their game; Pokemon X to be precise. Now when I backup my Pokemon Y save file, their Pokemon X sav file keeps populating in PKHex. What gives? [using Ninjhax to access Homebrew Launcher, backing up save file through save manager; worked fine before I decided to be nice and help someone out :mad: ]
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