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  1. @Metropolis - will you update the conversion algorithm to be the same as the upcoming Gen will behave? Or at least add option to choose between your conversion algorithm and the new one?
  2. It's working now. I really have no idea what I did, maybe swapping boxes, saving and resetting did the trick, I really don't know, but Stadium now accepts it. PS: It's a 100% legit glitchless Y playthru, with traded exclusives, from also legit R/B. So I don't know how or why caused my Y to become "fake".
  3. I can't trade it to Y version and load in Stadium - "This Game Pak wasn't saved at a POKÉMON CENTER." And I mean, literary traded, no editors used. Traded it to R version, still works. Tried changing OT to some from Bulbapedia, works. But not trading to Y and importing to Stadium. Any ideas? In-game legality Mew check, or maybe Mew wasn't(can't) distributed to Y versions, wrong sav file/dump bytes? Is Mew 100% legit? PS: I have to set it free, but Pokedex entry, it's not tied to it, Stadium shows I caught it but don't have it on me.
  4. Hey, I'm getting a bunch of random level missingnos when I open a pkmn box, mostly lvl255 or lv100... Bloo version. Also I lost all in boxes in Yello...
  5. I replied to your updated 32b version on Smogon forums (user:Babaei) - please check it out!
  6. I had to reinstall both Java versions (32/64) in order to get the x64 editor to work. It seems you(we?) have Java PATH problems... I guess it depends in what order you install Java. x32 editor puts this error: Could not load SWT library. no swt-gtk-4427 in java.library.path no swt-gtk in java.library.path
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