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  1. Did you happen to edit the starter Pokemons? I'm pretty sure that makes a new game crash after the intro (white screen)
  2. When trying to random trainers in ORAS it always seems to crash. (pk3DS stops responding and I need to force close) Anyone else having this problem? I'm trying to use these options I tried running it from visual studio but got the same result
  3. Will this be implemented in the future? Since I only want the first 151 Pokemons it should be doable by hand but it would be nice if the data could be exported and imported in an excel format for faster editting Upon randomizing I only selected only Gen 1 and BST. Disabling BST should make it cycle through all Gen 1 Pokemons? Thanks, I will make sure to do that when randomizing the trainer Pokemons
  4. Hello Kaphotics, This app is really great for editing. I have a few questions tho. I am a huge fan of the Gen 1 Pokemons and I wanted to edit the encouters in the wild and the pokemon the trainers have to Gen 1 only (I understand the starters can not be edited but I can edit the save for that). After randoming the Pokemons I noticed a few quirks. 1. Sometimes water pokemon seem to be popping up in grass sections (Like Magikarps in grass). Would it be possible to assign Pokemons based on their type (Grass/Water/Rock/Whatever) to be assigned to Land/Water/Caves? And would it be possible to make sure all 151 Pokemons get assigned ingame? 2. The moveset of the Pokemon. I haven't been able to test my own romhack yet. (I once edit CRO files and later I forgot to edit the first few bytes so the game wouldn't work heh) Is it possible to assign movesets to Pokemon on trainers and in the wild based on their level. For example lets say a Pokemon is level 25 and according to their default level up tree they would have had 6 different moves in total. The result should be: The first 2 moves go away and the Pokemon remembers the last 4 moves. Is this possible?
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