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  1. thats good then it will make shiny hunting a bit easier lol, I noticed in a couple of your Colosseum randomizers you encounted the same shadow Pokemon more than once i believe in one of the playthroughs there was 2-3 shadow jirachis will there be any doubles in XG ?.
  2. if a shiny is encounted will it do what shinies do in Colosseum which is if you encounter a shiny shadow pokemon and catch it when its in your own box/party its no longer shiny
  3. nice is shadow lugia shiny locked ? also can you tell if the Pokemon is shiny when its in its shadow form ?
  4. cool would be nice to have a nice flow of shadows instead of a bunch in one battle, what are the new odds of finding a shiny as i love shiny hunting in Pokemon games.
  5. yeah i bet i remember playing it so many consecutive battles especially towards the end where they cram in a lot of shadow pokemon, is it possible to give trainers a shadow who wouldn't normally have a shadow and minus one of someone who had like 2 or more ?
  6. hey dude happy new year hope you had a good christmas, hows the rom hack going ?
  7. i would love to try to make my own randomizer but it looks way to complicated, i have had a little experience changing Pokemon and trainers on the gba roms but thats it.
  8. no probs, i have been searching for other Pokemon Colosseum and game cube hacks as i completed all of your randomized Colosseum roms but haven't really had any luck
  9. good to hear. i cant wait for a release ive been checking the post every other day lol
  10. hi starsmmd hows uni treating you ?, have you made much progress on pokemon XG ?
  11. no probs dude your education is more important, Cant wait for the first release.
  12. wow looks like a lot of fun cant wait to try this out is there a playable release yet ?
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