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  1. UPDATE: Found out that some serial numbers on the 3DSXL contain a certain firmware version. An example would be a 3DSXL that has serial number SW12xxxxxx would contain firmware version 4.5.0. The lower the serial number the lower the firmware version (Note: This is NOT a guarantee). There was one high reported serial number which was SW1279xxxx x which contained firmware version 4.5.0 (this was the 3DSXL Red/Black version). I got this information from gbatemp. My 3DSXL is the black version and it has the serial number SW4021xxxx x. IIRC I got this 3DSXL when XY came out. If I were to get the same 3DSXL (black version), would you think the possibility of me getting a firmware version below 9.5.0-22 and under be somewhat high or would you think my chances are slim?
  2. I'm referring to the New 3DSXL when it comes to that second question. I refer the old 3DSXL as the "Nintendo 3DSXL." EDIT: I'll call my local Gamestop possibly today or tomorrow. Hopefully they might know about the Nintendo 3DSXL "out-of-box" firmware. If anything I'll come back to my post and see if I get any new information. Thanks for the reply though!
  3. First and foremost I would like to introduce myself to the Project Pokemon community as I recently found out about you guys. Now, hopefully I'm on the right topic of this forum as it involves PKHeX and the Nintendo 3DSXL Firmware. So recently, I got back into Pokemon and I wanted to make a WiFi team via PKHeX. Way before I even heard about PKHeX and decided on trying the software out, I updated the firmware of my Nintendo 3DSXL (currently 9.9.0-26U). I didn't realize I did something most regrettable until a good night of research and confirmation. According to the PKHeX website, "Injection will not work on any later firmwares (9.6.x or 9.7.x) either! Software cannot and will not be updated to support later firmwares! Do not update if you wish to use QR injection, RAM2sav, PCEdit, or any other Web Browser (spider) injection method." Others are also saying PKHeX doesn't support starting from firmware version 9.5.0-23. Any firmware version below that is supported as I have heard. I also looked up to try to see if I can downgrade my firmware but, I found out that I can only downgrade my firmware if its on 9.2 by using some Gateway thing or something. Basically I'm pretty much screwed and can't use PKHex on my Nintendo 3DSXL. Now that the story is out of the way here's my question. I would like to know what is the firmware version a Nintendo 3DSXL has when it is fresh bought and out of the box. My plan was to go to my local Gamestop and probably trade in my current Nintendo 3DSXL and add in some cash together with in-store credit to buy a completely different one. Another question I would like to ask is about the New 3DSXL. Does PKHex support the New 3DSXL? I've seen on other forum sites that the New 3DSXL comes with firmware version 9.2 and I am automatically assuming that since its a firmware version 9.5.x and below, that PKHeX will be supported by the New 3DSXL. All your help and information will be most appreciated.
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