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  1. Is it possible at all to have certain pokemon evolution be at level 5? For example Litten >torracat > Incineroar? I would like to raise a level 5 torracat if possible? Is that even possible?
  2. ok i got it now, i assume all legends will have similar requirements. Thanks for the help
  3. no dice 381 - Latios - 91D0F10ED99C.pk6 if i change it to a GBA or DS version like Emerald or Heartgold will that make it legit? and to play online or no?
  4. I did what you exactly said in the last ones which are working just fine. Just the legends are now acting strange. I do appreciate the help so far. I may not be a pkhex expert like most users but im learning from trial and error.
  5. you cant the previous members helped me with a similar issue with regular pokemon which worked. So now im trying with legends
  6. So I wanted to not create a duplicate thread but the mod closed it so i had no choice. Basically the same issue from here: I am trying to edit Latios, Latias, Groundon, Kyorge & rayquaza. Choosing hatch from day care wont work. Not sure what to do with this. Searched google and found other methods but didnt work. any help would be appreciated.
  7. Would the same process work for legionaries?
  8. So in the first section of pk edit. Where it says country, region and 3ds country is that supposed to be filled out? Can apokemon be made for any location or does it have to match an actual point in the game. Like treecko in route 101
  9. I don't understand why i was getting that error message. It wasnt illegal or having crazy moves. I was just trying to fill my pokedex
  10. So I did what you recommended, 1) removed not latest OT Name 2) Relearn Egg moves 3) Checked as egg 4) Day care helpers and current date. 5) got that location error message 6) Clicked on memories > residence > cleared out memories from residence 7) Saved and worked. Do you think its a bug?
  11. Did as you exactly said, all correct and same error
  12. Okay the first 3 images are from my black version which i used poke transport and it worked perfectly. The last two are memories i set for my mudkip seems the issue is isolated to XY&ORAS from what i can tell. BTW if anyone can test this on their own game and let me know if you get the same error. Perhaps its just me im not sure
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