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  1. Hi everyone! Suloku got in contact with me when I talked about the Celebi Tour. Aside from the FRANCO/JENS/NICO Celebi that was given with the machines in the buses of the Celebi Tour, I qualified and took part in the tournament that was held, and they gave to each of the contestants a Spanish Pokemon Silver cartridge with 20 Celebis inside it, with OT CTOUR, along with this letter (I'll see if I can do some HQ scans instead of some shitty photos XD): We were supposed to give them all to other players in exchange for the specified Pokémon in the letter and send the cart back to Nintendo Europe in a limited amount of time, and if we did it correctly, they would send us a copy of Pokémon Crystal for free (that's how I got my Crystal copy). I stored 3 of those Celebi for my 3 games (Gold, Silver and Crystal), and unfortunately Gold and Silver died a while ago because of the batteries, but I was able to backup the Crystal save. It was originally at level 5, so it being level 60 is because I was playing with it in-game for a while, but it's better than nothing. So, here you are, the CTOUR Celebi! If you want to insert it in a save file, you'll have to use Pikasav and load it in a free space in a PC box, for some reason it doesn't let me put it directly in the team. Celebi CTOUR.pkm
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