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  1. 1 minute ago, theSLAYER said:

    It is pretty easy to do.

    1. Drag the save into HxD
    2. Select 0x20000 byte and drag all the way to the end (like selecting a bunch of text to delete)
    3. Delete em all.
    4. then save the file

    I mean, I did it for you pretty quickly ><

    Sweet! I'll give it a go later:) I guess I can just use the Retron converter to inject it back.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, jasenyoface said:

    i saw that you had posted previously that you had Wine running and that caused the pkhex.app to not work for you. Could that be the same in this case?

    Well,I thought the same thing.But it has suddenly started working,no idea how it happened:/ Sorry dude,I'll try figure out what was causing it and let you know.


    Wine wasn't running either:/

  3. So I downloaded the latest version,and opened it the usual way,but all it does is bounce in the dock for a few minutes,then stop responding. Tried it 10 times now with no success

  4. 23 hours ago, Tenshin26100 said:

    Thanks for the tip, and I always will, we never know of what can happen during the process ;)

    Ok,so I dragged and dropped the savdat file,edited and then tried to save. Injected it back into the game and its saying "save corrupted"....

  5. Just now, theSLAYER said:


    If accessing through Open, change file type to "All files",

    Else, just drag the sav.dat into PKHeX, it should open.

    Or are you saying it's unable to open (I was just able to)

    Well,before you just had to select "open" on PKHex,locate the file and click it-done.


    Now the actual Save.dat or whatever its called file isn't showing up. 


    Hmm,Im off out in a second.Will have to try and drag/drop tomorrow! Will let you know:)

  6. 3 minutes ago, jasenyoface said:

    Does it stop bouncing at any point?

    if not, it may take some time as it did for @Are You 18 Now He said it took a while to launch. 

    To answer your question from the previous thread, don't use the mono version of pkhex.zip to build in Winebottler  



    Its ok dude,I figured it out. I already had my own wine running,stopped that and it worked first time:)

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  7. 2 minutes ago, jasenyoface said:

    If you would like, i can take some time and help you. What problems are you coming across?

    Im about to go to bed,maybe tomorrow ? I  tried ticking the box and running Net 4.6-nothing happens for a few minutes an then it says "aborted"...

    Seems so much more long winded than any other version we have had before.Which sucks.I love Pkhex! Haha



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