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    help Enjoyment?

    Mac Hoopa's number of enjoyment must 0? or 1 is OK?
  2. reatec11


    I have some event.thay has Enjoyment 0.but I have Enjoyment 1 Mac Hoopa.What this number mean?also,is this hacked?
  3. I'm sorry in a rudimentary question.But I want to know. I can not use English well.so I want see tutorial video if possible.
  4. reatec11

    help take in .pk6

    I can't understand how to use it cause I do not use English usually. I'm very grateful if anybody make their tutorial video. ~Regards
  5. I'm worried now.I checked JP Lineone event. I got it from my friend Previous Geolocation 0 :me Previous Geolocation 1 :my friend Previous Geolocation 2 :owner? He said he got it from French trader.but I guess he/she can not go to Japan event. This Linoone is legit or hacked?
  6. Unfortunately I cannot give a correct explanation to you because I do not usually speak English. I want to say that hexadecimal numerical value being different. It does not match my way of thinking
  7. Yeah,Requiem is correct. I have 2 Deoxys .pgf from 2 Koreans received it.They has same trash bytes. However, this Deoxys has different trash bytes.
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