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  1. 1,2,3: I understand, thank you for the quick response I just have one more question which would be better asked as an example: I have a Arcanine which I want to mega evolve in-game. To do so, I replaced the model of Shaymin with a custom mega model of Arcanine. Using pk3DS, can I make Arcanine mega evolve to Shaymin so that it displays the custom model or do I have to include an alternate form for Arcanine using another method?
  2. 1 and 2: I thought that I can but when I loaded my romfs and exe folder, I get only these options in Item Editor(pic in link) http://postimg.org/image/x0otm4vjt/
  3. I am wondering whether it would be possible to edit and also possibly add items based on these points in a future update?: 1. Item name 2. Item description 3. Item sprite Thanks in advance.
  4. Ironically the QR method works for me on emuNAND 9.5.0-22... Having the 1.3 update for ORAS interferes with the QR gen by injecting Bad Eggs at least for me.
  5. Since my 3DS is on emuNAND 9.5.0-22, I have installed the 1.3 update of Omega Ruby via a cia. But when I try to gen Pokemon by QR (Box/Row Cloning/1st Slot Replacing) I get bad eggs every attempt... However, when I uninstall the update I can gen via by QR just fine.. So I was wondering whether it is just me or it is happening to others too? Thanks in advance!
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