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  1. the version that I downloaded from https://skyeditor.codeplex.com/releases is that a fake place? I should run a third virus scan and redownload it from the OP. thanks! EDIT: that worked. thanks! now I just have to go figure out why it glitches whenever they do the 'team pose' thing... I think Charizard just doesn't have a sprite for that. laaaaazzzzyyyy developers! (or devious ones... maybe they just don't like editors. )
  2. using....? I'm not very familiar with this interface, how do I attach things to it? which button does that? Edit: Found it! [ATTACH]13454[/ATTACH] Hope that works!
  3. so, uh, PMD red issue here: Every time I try to edit the species of the 'you' pokemon, as soon as I'm done in the little window, it errors and closes as soon as I try to save the .SAV file. here's the windows output: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: CLR20r3 Problem Signature 01: SkyEditor.exe Problem Signature 02: Problem Signature 03: 54a5b2ff Problem Signature 04: SkyEditor_plg Problem Signature 05: Problem Signature 06: 54a5b148 Problem Signature 07: 147 Problem Signature 08: 1 Problem Signature 09: System.NullReferenceException OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 4362 Additional Information 2: 4362e2d7d06552f3478ca44252bbdd97 Additional Information 3: 7093 Additional Information 4: 7093e72e752d6568fc8a2b641cbf997b can you tell me what I'm doing wrong, please?
  4. still not working... oh well. why don't I send you the rom? I don't know how though... raw save files, renamed to "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team.sav" didn't work. oh well.
  5. I tried using both european and american roms. wait, should I be opening the roms, or the saves? ??? I'll try opening the roms, then the saves, and just the roms? I dunno. wait one moment. does the file need a specific name? because if so, should I rename it to the rom name "pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team europe"? is that right?
  6. apparently this program still thinks that my save is from explorers of the sky, and it gives me errors about the checksum, and then I try to edit the roster, and on the english version I have a level 45 rapidash, and on the european version I have a level 110 gliscor. their stats are bizarre, and they both always have ice ball in slot 2. so, I try to edit them, and what I get is the No$GBA refuses to load the save, and simply acts as if it doesn't exist! help? anyone? I have now also tried this same thing with blue rescue team for the DS, and instead of those bizarre pokemon, I got a total blank. this was attempted with both DesMume and No$GBA. well, lovely
  7. so, I set it in the config to "Uncompressed" and I could edit the save, but... instead of my starter, Machop, I got a pokemon named '@110' a "valid" female gliscor, with one move, ice ball. and some WEIRD stats. 295 special defense? 0 defense? what? I edited it to the way I wanted... when I saved the file and opened up NO$GBA, it simply didn't open the save file. it prompted me to make a new game, as if I hadn't made that file. luckily, I made a backup. so, what else could work?
  8. so, I tried using NoBGA, and I got "this save is too small for a pkm md sky save. so, is it even compatible with red rescue team anymore? thanks!
  9. yeah, I'll try that, if you think it will work. ok, just tried. I get the same thing on an "exported" save. is there any other emulator I could use that you know works? or maybe I'm using the wrong "export" button? maybe I need a fresh ROM? I don't know. I'll experiment in what time I have. (vba uses the .sav files, and .sgm for save states. can I modify a save state, then load it and make a legit save with the hack?)
  10. Hello, I tried downloading this wonderful tool, and it allowed me to edit my "explorers of the sky" save all I wanted... but when I try to open the "red rescue team" .sav file, straight out of VBA (visual boy advance) it just shows all blanks and any edits I make have no effect. help? or maybe I'm doing something wrong. I play the intro, save, and then try to edit. (the edit I'm going for is making my player character charizard.) is this a known issue, is this untested, or am I "doin' it wrong?" thank you very much for any and all assistance
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