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  1. Uh no. You'll have to update the system to download the new patch.
  2. The game keep a copy of the WCs once they're received/injected, and just adds its ID to the "used" list after you pick it up, but the WC stays stored forever (until you delete with PKHeX of course). So if you force the nature on the WC itself, the WC will be illegal and will stay there if they decide to check (that they won't). But technically the game leaves no tie between the pokémon and the WC. You can do either: 1. Leave the WC as it was when you received then edit the Jirachi itself. 2. Edit the WC to force a nature/etc, after you get the desired Jirachi, delete that WC and re-inject the original one adding it also to the used list (which wouldn't trigger the delivery girl). Be sure to not mess up the WC IDs too.
  3. Lunarcookies mirrored the loadcode btw, so for whoever wants a more "permanent" thing, use http://lunarcookies.github.io/loadcode.html for code.bin or http://lunarcookies.github.io/loadcode.html#something.bin for custom bins Use those URLs: http://lunarcookies.github.io/loadcode.html#rsavout.bin (shorturl: j.mp/svout) http://lunarcookies.github.io/loadcode.html#rsavin.bin (shorturl: j.mp/svin6)
  4. Okay, thanks for the info! I had generated a few WCs with fixed IVs to grab the PID, but I guess I'll stick to the easy way, it's just that I've been educated by Pokécheck's standards before lol.
  5. ^That and you'll also have to give up on Extremespeed because it wasn't an Egg Move back in Gen 4. The only way to have an ES Dragonite in Safari Ball legally is breeding in Gen 6.
  6. I know the PID isn't tied to ability and natures (and in Marill's case, gender too) anymore, but is it still tied to the IVs/gender? And if so, are the PIDs generated by PKHeX any legal? This isn't about getting them past Battle Spot hack check because it doesn't even care about the PID, I just want my pokémon to be the most legal they can. For now whenever possible I've been copying PIDs from my legit bred mons, and for IV sets I don't have I'm pretty sure know I could use custom WCs to force the games to generate them. But I want to confirm that. Thanks in advance! EDIT: I think I posted on the wrong board, this should be on Pokémon Legality forums. If needed, please move this.
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