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  1. Tested both types of Mew, They Work! Man, you have a lot of extensive knowledge about this, I hope you help many people in the future and be recognized for being such a great person. Thanks again!
  2. Alright Thanks for Everything! I will test in a moment. But Seriously Your Awesome
  3. Last Questions, does It matter if I put something for Residence or not? And does it matter if I have 2 mews with the same pids?
  4. Aha its because I didnt put a latest OT lol
  5. So Why does your Mew still have its memories when I view it?
  6. Yeah I guess I am stupid. Anyway every time I set a memory it goes away the next time I view it. What am I doing thats wrong/stupid?
  7. Wait why is the region Australia? I thought it had to be Japan to be shiny?
  8. I am sorry I don't think I can make memories properly care to tell me how please?
  9. So I have too change the met date to today? Oh I thought I had to do it in the actual event days. Thanks! I am testing right now... Wait memories? I thought I did that...
  10. Alright, to make things short I made two types of mew. One type of mew was the one based off the 2008 american event with the OT of Hayley and such, the other type was a shiny Mew and was based off the faraway island mew in Emerald (the only event where it could be shiny). Since things were a little complicated with gen 3, I didn't have high hopes the shiny mew would get through a wifi trade but I really thought the other type would . I put in the right IDs for both but they still don't get through. Anyway if any of you have time could you look at them to help me? Thank you :biggrin: (Both mew files are in the zip) Mew.zip
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