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  1. sorry for my long off time, it was a really busy week, anyways, to commit you're changes, first you have to fork the git, then you got to make the changes, then you got to request a pull
  2. for all the people from the Netherlands who are wanting to make a dutch translation go here http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?11456-Pokemon-Black-White-Dutch-Translation
  3. I would really appreciate your help, that's why I started this thread, and I think I've met you before on other forums, not sure which one. also I didn't make much improvements with github this weekend, because my step-grandmother died. so I wasn't at home and I didn't have internet.
  4. I guess not, but you can always keep an eye on http://gbatemp.net/f169-dstt-toptoy-ds it's probably the only place where there can be found new firmwares as the makers of the Top Toy DS stopped.
  5. I've started this thread because nobody did it. I dont know how to put the files back, so when we're done I'll ask Kaarosu if he wants to make a patch of it -Progress- Done: 0000.txt 0001.txt 0002.txt I guess that this is the right directory, PM me if I made a mistake, this is the first time I'm doing this stuff http://github.com/bjfh/Pokemon-Black-White-Dutch-Translation-Files Try to not use the word ROM too much, and the subject ROM everyone who knows Dutch and English/Japanese is welcome. Translate the English stuff in the 0000 directory, then place your commits in the 0001 directory, so we can make a double sectored game I guess that it will be better if we just translate the stuff that is already translated too English, because most of us don't have enough Japanese knowledge. (Including myself) You may talk in Dutch, but only in this thread.
  6. and I guess that most of us (including myself) don't understand English words, i do read the letters and know some stupid little words like, ichi ni san, hai iie, kin'youbi, etc. so most of us wont be able to translate things japanes-dutch, but will be able to translate things english-dutch edit: is it against the rules to talk other languages then English at this forum? edit: lol big typo see (qoute) | | \/
  7. im willing to help for the dutch translation, but i dont know how it works, so unless its very easy, can u send me a tutorial? and what are we going to translate to dutch then? just the explanations of the items and moves?
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