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  1. Hello, when I edited my Gen 7 Save file to insert some Pokémon originated from Gen 1, I noticed that PKHeX incorrectly considers it as legal, when it has an Egg move introduced in Gen 2. Example: Charizard with the Moves: - Belly Drum (can only be bred on Charmander, introduced in Gen 2) - Submission (TM in Gen 1 only) Egg moves introduced in Gen 3 and later (e.g. Dragon Dance) are correctly marked as illegal. I'm using the latest Build (#3883) on Windows 10. The example Charizard is attached to this post. It did not pass the hack check, when I tried to trade it online in Sun/Moon. 006 - Charizard - 9E2560751D17.pk7
  2. Just tried it and I can confirm: Different formes are only shown as one species. I've put Charizard, Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y on the first three slots in Route 101 and it only shows 1 Charizard on the DexNav. Interestingly enough, when I use the DexNav and look for Charizard I can only find Mega Charizard Y, the last of the three slots. Apparently you can also set the Forme to 31, to make all formes appear at random. This is used in the Unown Mirage Cave for example.
  3. I have another suggestion for the Evolution Editor. Would it be possible to include an option which just changes the evolutions where you have to trade for? It could be a hardcoded Level value but it could also be randomized as well (except for evolutions requiring a trade). If possible, also a check for those pokemon which evolve when leveled up while knowing a certain move, if that pokemon can actually learn said move and if not, the evolution is set to a certain level value. (Similar to the universal Randomizer by dabombstew) A workaround for me would be to modify the Evolution file once and then back it up and replace it every time, so it wouldn't be too much of a problem, if you don't want to include my suggestion.
  4. Try going further than Route 2. In X/Y, on Route 2 you will always catch a Pokemon without fail. Same thing goes for Route 101 in OR/AS.
  5. What exactly did you edit/randomize with your game? I just tried AS, and it worked fine for me. Here's what I randomized: Wild Encounters, Level Up Moves, Personal Data (Abilities, Held Items, TM/HM/Tutor Compatibility), Trainers (Pokemon, Abilities, Held Items, Classes)
  6. There's a bug with the move editor, where for some reason the GARC file is packed incorrectly for X/Y only, resulting in a wrong file size. Original 2/1/2: 34,672 bytes Edited 2/1/2: 24,812 bytes It might have something to do with this line in Moves.cs: private void formClosing(object sender, FormClosingEventArgs e) { setEntry(); [b]ARC.packMini("move", "WD", "0", ".bin");[/b] } I'm not sure what ARC.packMini does, but when I removed that line from the source, the X/Y file now is packed with the right size. Maybe it only needs to be executed for OR/AS?
  7. The program itself does work, you can edit your ROM and everything.. but you need some way to run the edited ROM on a 3ds. Afaik on 9.8 there are no known exploits atm, so you're out of luck.
  8. Huh, that's weird. I had two single battles against Serena/Calem in AS, and they would initiate but then crash after winning the battle when the victory animation is supposed to play. Well, I remade a randomized AS from a fresh dump, and so far (up to Wattson) it didn't crash.
  9. From what I've noticed with some testing, it appears that the classes 103 (Pokémon Trainer Calem) and 104 (Pokémon Trainer Serena) cause crashes in OR/AS. There might be more though. I'm currently playing through AS. If I find more classes who crash, I'll post it here. Double Battles against 2 Trainers always crash in both X/Y and OR/AS, if you mix a class who has a model assigned to in battle (e.g. Archie or Steven) with a class who does not have a model (e.g. Youngster, Team Magma Grunt). The person you are battling together with in a Tag Battle, also needs to have a model, otherwise the game will crash. Incomplete list of Trainers, which classes should not be changed to avoid crashes: X/Y: Calem 130-132 - Pokémon Trainer 103 (Glittering Cave) Calem 338-340 - Pokémon Trainer 103 (Flare HQ) Calem 435-437 - Pokémon Trainer 103 (Route 7) Tierno 438 - Pokémon Trainer 056 (w/ Trevor 439, Route 7) Trevor 439 - Pokémon Trainer 057 (w/ Tierno 438, Route 7) Serena 575-577 - Pokémon Trainer 104 (Glittering Cave) Serena 590-592 - Pokémon Trainer 104 (Flare HQ) Serena 596-598 - Pokémon Trainer 104 (Route 7) Calem 604-606 - Pokémon Trainer 103 (Poké Ball Factory) Serena 607-609 - Pokémon Trainer 104 (Poké Ball Factory) OR/AS: Brendan 674-676 - Pokémon Trainer 127 (Meteor Falls) May 677-679 - Pokémon Trainer 128 (Meteor Falls) Steven 680 - Pokémon Trainer 219 (Southern Island) Steven 942 - Pokémon Trainer 219 (Mossdeep Space Center) Something minor I also noticed: When randomizing TMs, the Attack description in the TM menu remains unchanged. E.g. the original Rock Tomb TM still has the Rock Tomb Description although in my game it will teach Light of Ruin.
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