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  1. Right. I know that most people are currently thinking that it's about changing trainer info. And that may well be it, but I have another theory. Both could be true. I think it might be that the infinite island scan QR codes. Think about it, it's something that should have only been possible to do at most twice a day (if you used the 20 point QR codes) and game sync sent it directly to PGL, so they could easily see the information. So, was anyone banned who didn't do this, or did this and didn't get banned? And as a second question, if you didn't do this and you were banned, did you edit trainer info at all?
  2. You don't need to do the full decryption method? That's interesting. I also had this issue and did the partial decryption, and didn't try loading it onto gateway because pkhex wouldn't let me export the save (I could view everything, didn't try editing). I'm not sure whether you have to change something before it lets you export it.
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