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  1. 4 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

    While we already some strong suspicions regarding the causes previously,
    we urgently recommend not going online until we have more information on how these bans were triggered.

    Since this is a somewhat official statement and this site doesn't endorese piracy, I would add something like "if you modified your savegame and don't want to get banned". I'm just saying because I got the impression the statement was somewhat meant to prevent "cheaters" from being banned, but englsih isn't my mother language so maybe it was just my impression.

  2. Luma's region emulation only changes language setting, the 3DS is reported as the actual region and subregion. That's why I have a regionchanged japanese emunand.

    Luma allows to receive other region events, but if you get the pokémon, it'll have wrong region data (but correct language).

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