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  1. hello friend I had same problem http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?43394-Windows-7-Pro-x64-Install-Process-seek-help describe it I stuck in upgrade firmware/usb not detect loop. original install was kaput. best to try complete erase uninstall directory and software, dl from cyber gadget website v2 software, install fresh, and when update the main screen come up, you can switch with eng version provided here.
  2. Hi! Sorry my friend, I get good version. Had corrupt install origin, fixed now all work perf. Thank you
  3. Hello Yes all work well! So far I switch gender of Pokémon and edit OT/name of Pokémon. It work great! I follow tutorial video on 3DSSaveEditor + PKHeX.
  4. My install, corrupt I erase directory, run client from http://www.cybergadget.co.jp/support/saveeditor/SE23DS/5906.html Run ® to clean Install same directory (create brand new) Run 3DSSaveEditor.exe in CYBER GADGET\3DS SaveEditor\ Prompts unplug, replug Unplug USB, plug back in Run 3DSSaveEditor.exe again - prompt firmware update Click OK, update take ~30 second, complete! Thank all for help in PM, original first try install got corrupt. Download client from manufacture website and do clean install helped. edit: yes thank you!
  5. I try update Cyber Gadget Save Editor software after install from disc. I run 3DSSaveEditor.exe I click OK Process runs check... prompt I click OK, begin to update while updating, error happen I wait ... nothing happen so I click red X to close window Update complete? I click OK, program close I try running again and get this all time If I unplug USB and plug in again, whole thing repeat
  6. Thank you for info! I too hope that my Pokémon X game is not a newer version. I see this has problem. Also, I run Windows 7 Professional SP1 x64 but I do not have language support installed. I remember in past with FFXI that I had to install or change language setting to support eastern language, JP and such. Will I have to do the same this time?
  7. I just ordered a bundle (nds/cyber save editor/pokemon x) from amazon that should be coming in some time this week. the software disc that comes with cyber save editor, is it drivers or something? i cannot read jp, so don't know what it is for. i can just use the adapter and this software (in English) and be good to go?
  8. ok thanks for the help! I just grabbed a bundle promo on amazon for a 3ds/cyber save editor/pokemon x and should be arriving by end of week! I can't wait.
  9. so once it is on the bank, I can play as I have been normally on my us/eng 3ds? I have no reason to go back to the jp 3ds unless I wanted to edit something to transfer over again?
  10. so I would need a jp 3ds, jp pokemon x/y game, and the cyber save editor to be 100% solid or used jp pokemon x/y game and cyber safe editor to edit and upload pokemon to bank to transfer to us cartridge? is any of this available to us based 3ds or still jp only? edit: I just bought pokemon y for my Zelda 3ds and been playing, but now interested in experimenting with some current gen pokes so delved into reading on all of this. I just wanted to make sure I understood what hardware was needed before ordering. I'm only familiar with r4 and r4i save dongle.
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