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  1. nothing else to include...wasnt reading my cart. it was my fault i broke it so ill have to buy another one friday/saturday.
  2. is anyone else having trouble with there CyberGadget reading their cart? Having problems with both my JPN X and my JPN OR
  3. Does oras beta pkhex work with both oras, x & y together?
  4. Great! thanks Kaphotics~
  5. Cant wait to see the ORAS on PKHex this should be fun.
  6. ok every time i click it it says downloading game list and never opens up....weird
  7. you need bootcamp with mac devices
  8. Has anyone figured how to edit the skin-clothes ?
  9. I cant save now...does any one know why I cant save changes made through PKHex?
  10. question how do i change the language from Japanese to English I just downloaded the cyber gadget because it didnt come with a CD, everything is in Japanese
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